Exponential Growth

Zechariah Newman —  February 18, 2017 — Leave a comment

Nothing will exponentially grow your business more than leaders who take ownership of the mission.

Nine years ago my company made a massive sales increase. My pizza restaurants became more profitable, and I began to work with less effort, time, and energy. My businesses have had other surges since and I can trace it back to the same thing.

An employee who was a good worker stepping up into an ownership mindset.

I have learned many lessons from taking rough around the edges employees and showing them their potential diamond under the surface. It takes time and energy, but the rewards are worth the effort if you follow these simple steps you will see potential become a reality.

I see in you! The truth is many people get stuck because they don’t see their potential. One of my managers that is the rockstar who helped my business spike the first time was only working eight hours a week doing a remediable job. She didn’t think she could run that location. I told her what strengths I saw in her and why she was capable. I know am telling her how I see her running many locations.

Studies have shown that in the school environment students hear seven negative statements from their teachers for every one positive. At home, it’s much worse. A child receives ten negative statements for every one positive. No wonder so many people don’t know their strengths.

Tell those you lead what positive things you see in them!

Why them. Often when we need people are natural tendency is to tell them what we need. We are shorthanded and we need people to step up is the wrong approach. Stop making it about you and make it about them instead. Why you see them as a solution is simple. It is taking what you see in them and applying it to the position you want them to step into.

Keep showing your staff why they are the right ones for the job.

Lower Excellence. Here is the thing, if you are holding the entry bar too high, you will never find anyone. You want your staff to shoot for excellence, but it is impossible to have a new employee to do the job with the excellence of an owner. Given time they can outpace you, but that is like expecting my six year old to understand the time value of money. When you lower the bar and raise it over time you are teaching them to win. You are also teaching them the age old principle you don’t have to be an expert to start, but you do need to start to become an expert.

Lower your expectations of what excellence is and raise the standard of excellence over time and create more personal ownership.

To grow your empire call out what you see in your staff, why they are the right ones, and lower your perfectionist standard. Watch your company explode as you invite others into an entrepreneur mindset. Be blessed on your growth journey.

How do you instill an entrepreneurial mindset into those you lead?


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I had just had a typical day for this entrepreneur. My days start out the same, time alone in the morning followed by a day full of leading, exhorting, and vision casting. My day consists of being always surrounded by people. As I was driving home, I couldn’t help but feel all alone.

The number one struggle I have had which I think is common among go-getter entrepreneurs is friendships. The further I have climbed the ladder of leadership the fewer friends for just friendship sake I have. In these short moments to think I often realize that most of the relationships are part of a game of chess in my mind. Almost all relationships that I have outside of my family, I am either leading, or they are mentoring me. I have justified this as proper stewardship of time and energy because I am always focused on the next goal and only allocate time to climb that mountain. However, when we don’t make time for friends we are robbing ourselves of so much. Here are four benefits to making friendships a priority.

Mental Freedom. One of the biggest benefits to friendship outside of our business is a separation of tasks and the ability to turn the mind off of it’s regular focus. Anytime I switch my mind from my business I think of the best ideas. In the shower, running, hanging out with friends frees my mind. It is as if the software in the back of the brain doesn’t have permission to think creatively until you are not trying to think about your business. Friendships are wonderful for your mental freedom.

Transparency. The only way we can feel truly known by others is when we are transparent with them. Otherwise, they love a false version of us. When you are leading a group of people, it is impossible to be totally transparent. This is what can lead to that lonely feeling, “do they know the true me?” You may think. This can lend towards loneliness because you have fewer people that know you intimately. Close friendships allow places for you to be honest in struggle and triumph.

Perspective. When you stay focused on the business all the time you can loose the forest through the trees. An outside perspective of life, business, and you, in general, is so needed. I have had many casual conversations with friends that have led me to freedom in business and life. Friends outside of work can give us a great change of perspective.

Wiring. You and I are hardwired for actual relationship yet often it gets the least of our time and energy. As you focus on relationships, you will see a return to living and health. An energy level increase and peace that we will not find in isolation. Relationships are needed for growth and health. You were wired to be in relationship.

Don’t wait any longer and start pursuing friendships today. The old saying goes, to make a friend be a friend. Join entrepreneurs meet up, a Small group at church, Lions club, Rotary club, or a chamber of commerce. There are many opportunities out there just step out and take the risk of authentic friendship. Be blessed on your journey.

Do you feel alone in entrepreneurship?


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In the information age, we often get in this constant state of learning. There are many blogs out there including this one, and we can keep looking for new information or information we want to hear. The constant pull for more information can prevent us from making decisions, running our companies, staying healthy, or even being present with our family. We need motivation and sometimes information, but we also need to be conscious whether we are entertaining ourselves or we are being transformed. Transformation is the name of the game, and we need not forget it. That means that new information is moving from our heads to our heart and then to our hands. Transformation only occurs when we have a change in action.

Often we are not in it for transformation. We read something then move on to something new never being transformed. We must first understand. There must be a point that we completely understand this new information. From our mind information must become revelation by flowing down into our heart. It must become real to you and your life. Your heart is where the emotions lie. Emotions can have so much impact to get you to act however it must not stay there. At this point, it must flow from your heart into your hands. A change in action is transformation coming to its fruition. Action happens no matter when we feel like it or not.

In transformation, if we skip a step the change doesn’t last. Skip the understanding in the mind, and we act when we feel like it. Skip the heart, and there is no fire in the belly that pushes you beyond your personal limits. If an action doesn’t take place, we never transform into something new and stay the same before the new information came into our lives.

Here are four tips to help in transformation

Underline and highlight. As you go through books or blogs, underline and highlight the new or valuable information that jumps off the page at you. This will help you remember and quickly look up the crucial things from the blog or book. You can also make notes in the margins that help you to remember. Highlighting and underlining help you pull out details you need.

Reread. Once you are finished with a book or post, reread the information that you have underlined and highlighted multiple times. I go back and look at the book for a month or two, and it helps me to own the information.

Tie it to you. After you have the information in your mind, you must tie it to your heart. How have you experienced what you have read? When have I felt that way? How would the past be different with this information? Make sure that you ask questions that apply the information to you in a personal and real way.

Hands. How will you be different? Will you change and if so how? What is one action that you can do immediately? You must identify ways in which you will be different. Yes, you will fail and not do it all the time, but you must know how you will change. You must have a change in action.

These tips have helped me in my process of transformation, and I know they’ll help you. Be blessed on your journey.

What helps you to make sure information becomes transformation?

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This last nine months life has been a whirlwind for me. It has been a mixed bag of everything from a nervous breakdown and health scare, sickness in my family, and more responsibility than time. In the last year, I gave up on my long-term dreams to write a book that people actually would read. My dream that I was shooting for felt like it would never happen and in the end, I laid it down and honestly thought I was done writing on this platform. I became jaded by the whole thing. Thinking things like, “Why was everyone else getting this platform thing to work, and I wasn’t? Why was it easy for them? I don’t want it anyway.” My identity became so wrapped into how many times something got shared. I found myself in comparison mode and depressed. Feeling like a fake and a hack I stepped aside, writing two posts in 9 months.

I think we all have moments of feeling like a failure and questioning our worth. We all struggle, we just struggle with different things in different ways. It is easy to want to be made different, but in reality the desire to want to be different than who we are is a trap to put us on the sidelines. I have never had trouble moving with the end in mind. I can envision what I want and what it will be like to achieve the desire in my heart. However, this can make me focused on what has not come to completion. If you have a dream in your heart, I have a few cautions for you.

Who is your dream for? We can act more sacrificial than we are. The reality is that your dream is a mix of wanting to help people, but also a self-serving portion. The longer I pursued my dream, the less it became about help and the more it became about me. I needed a refocus on who this dream was for, that it wasn’t about me. When you get frustrated, remember it’s not about you. Ask yourself, how can I serve others better?

One is all that matters. If you want to help people you need to treat each customer, email subscriber, or employee as an actual person. Dream big, but never greater than serving one human being at a time. It is tempting to play the numbers game and not the life transformation game. Growth only tells us if we are doing a good job of serving the one person that is listening to us. Ask yourself, how can I serve just one person better?

Priority. Priority is a simple word to write, however, a hard thing to practice. We can become a slave to our dream instead of having it flow out of our lives. There will be a time that you stay up too late, work too hard, and get out of priority, but have checks and balances in place so that out of priority doesn’t become your new standard.

Calendar. If you are going to chase any dream that is in your heart, it will take over. Sit down and calendar out the year. Start with personal days and family vacation days, then move into significant events, and lastly the dream and how you are going to get there. If you don’t put it on the calendar, it won’t happen. My wife and I want to go back to Hawaii and I believe we have said “next summer” for the last four years. Life happens. Plan it or you are lying to yourself and your family about what you are going to do.

At the end of the day, my dream not being comfortable is one of the greatest gifts of my life and it can be that way for you with the right perspective. When your vision looks dead, it will challenge your why and your ulterior motives. Don’t give up, however, you may need to step back and take a break. A new direction may be required. Take some time to yourself and your family. Life is short, but it is also long. Make sure to step back and refuel. Focus on others and run in such a way that honors the dream giver. Be blessed on your journey.

What cautions do you have for dream chasers?

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As a parent I am very on guard about what has influence on my children. I monitor what they watch, making sure that positive things are going into their little minds. I monitor what music they listen to making sure that they listen to worship music instead of music about sex, drinking, and drugs. I monitor who they play with making sure those families align with our core life principles. I make sure that people who watch them will teach and lead them the way we desire. My wife and I do all this because we are fully aware of how outside forces both positively and negatively influence them. Influence someone long enough and it will eventually affect their choices.

Why do we think adults are different then children?  

We protect what influences our children but all too often fail at monitoring influences in our own life. If you are going to take your marriage, parenting, business, or any other thing to the next level you need to reevaluate what you are allowing into your brain. Make sure that these 4 influences are pushing you in the right direction not pulling you down.

  1. Music. Your music needs to be encouraging you and lifting you up. As a Christian I want my life centered on Christ so I keep my music on worship. Whatever you choose just check the lyrics. Often we allow the worse things into our minds through the music we listen to. Check to make sure your music is adding to your life not taking away from it.
  2. Reading. What are you consuming through what you read? Don’t be passive with this. Make sure that you are reading in an area of life that you want to improve. If you want to improve your marriage make sure you read books on the matter ext. I make sure that I read my Bible every day because I want to grow closer to God daily. Don’t waste this valuable resource of reading by mindlessly dumping things into it. Be intentional with what you read.
  3.  TV. The average American watches over 35 hours of television a week! This is probably the biggest accuser when it comes to dumping garbage into our heads. I would recommend cutting back how much you watch. Turn the T.V. off and have a conversation with your spouse, play with your kids, or work toward your dream. Stop escaping from reality and do something to change your reality.
  4. Friends. Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” This statement rings true for my life. Who are you hanging out with? Do they talk to they treat their family the way you want to? Are they high achievers in business? How is there spiritual life? You are affected by the friends you keep. Make sure to spend more time with friends you want to be like and less time with the friends that are pulling you in the opposite direction.

You are being influenced weather you are aware of it or not. Take control of what is pulling on you and take control of your life. Be blessed on your journey.

Entrepreneurs are go-getters, by nature we work hard to accomplish the vision that is in our heads. We push past pain and discomfort, learn to delay gratification, and many times put ourselves last.


Photo by: KCNewman Photography

I run two restaurants, groups director at my church over 42 groups, speaker, writer, husband, father, son of God, and oh yeah I am also Zech Newman. You see a lot of times the last thing I acknowledge is myself.  I have been pouring from an empty cup for a while now and Tuesday I suffered through a full on panic attack. Trying to catch my breath was impossible and if I hadn’t known better, I would have thought I had a heart attack. My health has deteriorated, and my blood pressure is at its highest. I put health as the least priority, and it’s caught up with me.

Guilt has been my motivator for far too long. Guilty about which vocation is getting the least of me. Guilty about not giving my wife enough one on one time or guilt about not spending enough time with my kids. Either all in at work and skimpy at home or all in at home and skimpy at work. I go back and forth missing the beauty of today and exchanging it for guilt. Constantly being stretched starring into the mirror at the bloodshot eyes wondering why I can’t get it right.

Times on my blog that I sound like I have it figured out I am sorry. The truth is I am a man trying my best and failing forward a lot. Life’s busyness gets the best of me just like I know it does for you. You are not the only one who struggles with balance, priority, patience, and gratitude. You are not alone in your struggle with impatience, anger, and depression. You are not alone in dropping more balls then you successfully juggle.

At the root of it all is a shift of perception that we all need in identity and goals.

*These ideas I read from Victory Over The Darkness by Neil T Anderson

Identity: You are a son or daughter of the King. You are righteous because of what He did not because of anything you will ever do. God looks at you the same when you sin as when you don’t. You are saved because you believe not because you behave. There has been and never will be anything that will make you more qualified to be His or less qualified. Walk out your identity instead of trying to earn it!


Success is accepting God’s goal for our lives and by His grace becoming what He has called us to be.

Significance is what we do and say for Christ in this world, no matter how insignificant it seems it will last forever.

Fulfillment is edifying others and glorifying the Lord with my uniqueness.

Satisfaction is living righteously and seeking to raise the level of quality in relationships, service, and product.

Happiness is wanting what you have.

Fun is uninhibited spontaneity and unconcerned about what people think.

Security is relating to the eternal instead of a temporal mindset.

Peace is establishing internal order.

I don’t know about you, but my goals didn’t look like that, and my concern about performance and what others think was robbing me of peace. I was killing myself to meet unspoken expectations that I had made up in my own mind. I am recommitting myself to living from priority and letting the chips fall where they may. Coming from success and significance. Because in God’s eyes, I am His. I will live out the priority of God, health, husband, father, and last vocation. Will you join me? Be blessed on your journey.

Have you had a panic attack?

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God is writing a story for our lives and often it goes differently than we imagine. We picture a lot of different things but for me and my life, most of the things that I imagine involve me, myself, and I. Consumed often with what I will get out of the dream, relationship, money, situation, and out of God Himself. After all, it is my dream, so in every area of my life I take the pen back from the Creator of the Universe and write my story.


Writing my story starts out AWESOME! Avoidance of pain is one of the primary drivers of humans and when I get to be the author of my life I can avoid a lot of pain. I can also seek the other driver pleasure. So in the writing of my story, I seek a lot of pleasure. In our quest for pleasure and avoidance of pain, we move into isolation and the familiar. We settle for a safe life avoiding the Giants and worshiping things we can see. So we sow comfortable and safe seeds. When we write our story, we sow debt, shallow relationships, and nervousness just to name a few. We settle and the settling changes us. When we live a life that is self-seeking, we can’t possibly live a life of fruit. We become these wimpy faithless existing creatures. Then wonder, where the fire is in life? We reap loneliness, stress, and fear in this survival that we often settle for. We become a prisoner to self, empty and alone. It is amazing that some how when I feel this way I blame God.

Chasing feelings and running from fears robs the breath of thriving life from our lives and exchanges it with a shallow breath of scarcely living. Actual life flows out and from God writing your story. When God writes your story, you end up being a giant killer. You take back land from the enemy. You restore what is lost, and bring hope to the nations. Many insignificant things end up having such a ripple effect that have such true meaning and value. You live a story that Hollywood could never reproduce. You live a story different from what you thought you wanted, and somehow there is peace, enjoyment, and fulfillment in it. You live a story that embraces challenges and looks for people to bring along with you. A life wholeheartedly committed to God sees that anything is possible.

When we live for God, we live in confidence. We live in hope. We have no choice but to spread hope. Beacons of light going out in the darkness to change the community. We live in the in between with courageous faith that God will move the mountain. We live in a focused urgency for the Good Shepherd. Our business becomes His. Our families become His. Our very life becomes one that dedicated and consecrated to Him. It is in this surrender that we say, “I don’t know how it is possible, but God this is what you’re calling me too, and I will trust You.” I will wholeheartedly follow You. I will lay down my life so that you can give me true life. And at that moment that we become blessed on our journey.


Who’s writing your story?

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This is a guest post by Mary Sauer of Modernize. Modernize is your trusted ally in home improvement—empowering homeowners with the expert guidance and educational tools they need to take on big projects. You can connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.

When you are self-employed or own your own business, work-life balance takes on a whole new meaning. Being able to work from home, the office, the library, or a local coffee shop is one of the advantages of being an entrepreneur, but it can also be a disadvantage for some. The flexibility of self-employment is great, but some may find they struggle to thrive without the structure of an office or set work hours.


At Modernize, we believe that when you work travels with you, it is best to create an at-home office space to encourage structure in both your work and personal life. Whether you devote an entire room to all things business related or you dedicate a few square feet in your living space to this purpose, there are certain advantages to creating set boundaries for your office space.


Avoid Distraction When Working From Home

If you spend a lot of your work hours in the comfort of your home or if you occasionally bring work home from the office, you need a quiet space to free yourself from the distractions of everyday life.


An at-home office space provides entrepreneurs with an escape from whatever responsibilities may distract you from getting your work done. When you can spend more time focused completely on your work, you work more efficiently, achieve better results, and finish up more quickly to free up more time for tackling additional projects or spending time with friends and family.

Close the Door When the Workday is Done

Many entrepreneurs find the flexibility of their work can make it difficult to clock out and take extended breaks from work. If you are constantly in the presence of your work computer, cell-phone, or paperwork, it serves as a regular reminder of the things you could be doing during your time off.


An office can serve as a clear boundary between work and your personal life, a boundary that can be very difficult to set if you work from home. At the end of the day, you can literally close the door to your office and reduce the temptation to return a phone call or check your email one last time when you should be relaxing or connecting with your family.

Promote Organization

Staying organized isn’t easy, especially if you are an entrepreneur who has full responsibility for managing day-to-day operations, balancing the budget, and communicating with clients. Creating an at-home office space is a simple way to promote organization in your professional life.


A common piece of advice for keeping a home clean is, “a place for everything and everything in its place,” and the same is certainly true when you are running a business. With an at-home office, you can create specific locations for everything you need to run your business from your home.


When you are ready to begin planning your home office, consider both the efficiency and the decor of the space. You will be much more likely to use a space you enjoy spending time in, so design in a way that feels true to your personality and you’ll be more happily productive than ever.

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Smiling at everyone as I walked in the doors with my well dressed and put together family. “I’m good. How are you?” “Good.” The response always comes back. Person after person smiling face after smiling face the responses always the same. A church full of people who are doing Good. My wife and I drop our kids off at Sunday school and we take our places in Church. Singing along to “I surrender all” and many other songs that frankly I am singing words and that is it. But no one knows that. No one knows what is going on underneath the surface in my mind and heart. I must maintain the good little boy image. I must not admit to any struggle. I must have it all together.


In the Church or at least in my own heart we are free to admit the need of a Savior before we except Christ but afterward that is a whole other matter. After the acceptance of Christ we fall into the lie that we are now perfect. We wouldn’t say it like that but we forget that we will never arrive. We forget that we will always need a Savior.  We often take this beautiful gift we are freely given and morph it into a show of falseness.

A few years ago I had enough and got to the end of myself. Though it didn’t fix me I now have an authentic vibrant relationship with my Heavenly Father and His broken followers. I’m still tempted to hide but the freedom of authenticity is too great to ever go back. There are many areas of my life that are not “fixed” and I have become ok with that. These 3 steps are key to an authentic Christian walk.

Honesty. Admitting the problem is always the first step. The first point at which we are cleansed is the point that we admit there is something to clean. Removing excuses and being real about where you are is the only way to true change. It is not saying your struggle is ok but just being authentic about where ever you are. Admitting that you are powerless against a struggle is the only way to allow God to work.  He will always work when you are honest though it may look different then what you think it will. Honesty is needed to live an authentic walk.

The Cross. If you accepted Christ it always has been and always will be about the cross and the redemptive power of it. In surrender to God all things are possible the problem is that most of us Christ followers start to rely on our strength and might instead of staying in a place of reliance in God. The redeeming power of the blood of the lamb is enough for what you did before Christ and all that you have done and will do after. The price is paid and it does you or Him no good to beat yourself a little longer.

For years, I thought that beating myself up for my imperfection was part of the retentive process. The main problem with this is that it takes our eyes off of God and puts our eyes on our humanity. This form of sin repentance leads to hiding and a false humility.  Believing the Cross is enough is crucial to an authentic Christian walk.

Confession. I wish that confession was not part of the solution but unfortunately it is. From experience, this never gets easier. The more hidden and ashamed the sin the harder it is to look into another person’s eyes and admit where you come up short. In James 5:16 it states, “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

Confession to a small group of trusted individuals is part of the healing process. In this moment of confession I am the most aware of dying to flesh. In those moments I think we say I care more about my Relationship with my King then I do about what other people think of me.

An amazing thing happens when we confess sin to people going the same direction as us. They hold us accountable, grieve with us, and tell us who we are in Christ. They remind us that the sin does not define us but our relationship with Christ that defines us. Confession is necessary to a vibrant authentic Christian walk.

An authentic life is part of the freedom that God gave us. You will never be perfect but in a state of perfecting until you die.  We are made righteous in Christ but many of us confuse this with perfection. Trust God to shape and mold you into His image and embrace the fact that arrival is a myth. Embracing our imperfection is part of enjoying the journey God has you on. You and I will always need a Savoir and we will always fall short. Be real and honest this is something God can always work with. Be blessed on your journey.

Do you struggle with being authentic?

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In a sluggish daze, I slowly opened my eyes. I could hear my three-year-old saying, “can I get up know?” Startled out of my sleep is the way most days have begun lately. I haven’t risen early but have slept in an hour more to wake up to one of my kids posing the question. My jolting awake has usually been followed by the non-verbal actions of me rolling out of bed and unconsciously staggering toward the coffee maker.


photo by: KCNewman photography

As the aroma of coffee began to fill the house I had a sudden thought I could not shake. Are you a Jackass or a race horse? Saturday was my first day off in a month, and I wrote this off as an exhausted mind making things up. I certainly felt nothing like a race horse.

This season has been a busy one I am running two stores and now have come on staff at my church as the Life Groups Coordinator in charge of 48 groups. I have been overwhelmed and gotten into Martha mode. Hustling the wrong way, exhausted and empty.

I went back to sleep at ten in the morning this day for a couple of hours. Then woke up for an hour and then again at one in the afternoon laid back down. Crashing in a heap mentally and physically depleted. The whole day I couldn’t get out of my mind, jackass or racehorse you choose. That was it, my day off turned into a random question and sleeping. At nine that night I was ready for bed and I slept hard yet again.

The next morning I got up and tied my running shoes and went for a run. Jogging back up my driveway I felt charged up and alive. Ready to take on the world! Have you seen race horses at the starting gates? They clamor and bang on the gates waiting to go. Chomping at the bit, nervous energy flowing through their body. If you open those gates, they are going to charge out.

The donkey not so much. Stubborn most of the time holding its ground. Anchored in position the master will try and pull the rope attached to the bridle and tug to no avail. Pulled into action against its will. It fights against instead of charging out like the race horse.

I can be the racehorse but often I am so tired I am like the jackass. Abstinent and defiant begging to not go. Worn out and exhausted I am resting from my work. We are called to work from our rest. We are called to fill up so that we can pour out. We are called to flow out from the Sabbath, but it’s hard. It’s hard because we look at the tasks and put that above all. It’s hard because people will always want your help. It’s hard because when we rest sometimes, it gives space for us to think about our failures. Rest is just hard for the go-getters. God whispers to rest, and I will give you what you need to accomplish, yet I fit as much in and try to find time to rest.

Are you feeling like a racehorse? For me, I had forgotten what that felt like. I hadn’t had space to let go and be still. Here are some things to check to make sure you keep energized and focused.

Sleep. You need to know how much you need and stick to it. If you have young kids, and you need more sleep go to bed earlier, that is the only way that you can get more. They will wake up with the sun if they are like mine.

Extrovert/Introvert. Know which you need. I love people, but I need to be alone to recharge. I was not getting my time in the morning before the kids were up and this was a factor in my burn out. Know which one you need and be proactive in it.

God. Prayer, reading the Bible, and just sitting at the feet of Jesus is necessary to having a healthy life for any Christian. The One that knit you in your mother’s womb knows what you need. Ask God and move on what He says.

Patience. Lack of patience is the root of burnout for me. I am trying to make stuff happen, and I want it to happen NOW. Charging out of the gates has served me well, and it has also led to burnout. Look at all you are trying to do and ask someone that is further down the path then you are. They will tell you if you’re trying to eat an elephant in one bite.

Lead from health and rest and look around so that you can enjoy the journey. When we rush seasons of our lives we can miss the beauty in the very moment, we are trying to work past. There will always be another mountain and always another challenge to overcome. We forget the most basic of things sometimes. “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Be blessed on your journey.

Do you struggle to rest?

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