Freedom in Business

Zechariah Newman —  March 23, 2015 — 4 Comments

Last month I was privileged to take my oldest child to the annual father-daughter dance. She is six and this is our second year to go. In a few years I will take my other daughter as well who is two. The anticipation of the dance increases as the day approaches and on the big day she wakes up with sheer excitement. I love this day too as it is a great time to be alone with my little girl. This dance is one opportunity to show her how she should expect to be treated and to make her feel special. We both love the dance, although I hate dancing. :)


My beautiful daughter.

While we were out to eat before the dance and I was paying for our meal, the man taking our payment asked, “Are you guys going to the dance?” I responded, “Yes we are.”  Then he said something that stuck with me. “I would go, but I can’t. I own the restaurant. Even though my daughter cried asking me to go she just doesn’t understand that you can’t take off any weekends when you own a restaurant.”

This statement by this entrepreneur stuck with me for two reasons. One, I own two restaurants and took the night off. My stores didn’t suffer. In fact, the two locations had a great night of sales and didn’t have any known mistakes. The second reason why it stuck with me was because I often use my life as an entrepreneur as an excuse just like this man. There are many days that I do need to be there. However, a lot of times I have an excuse of the business.

Do you run your business or does it run you?

The first step to freedom in business is determining where you are. I am controlled by my company more than I would like to admit. Not much of it is the business and most of it is me. I don’t train enough or give enough responsibility and then play the victim for needing to be there. Are you suffering from self-inflicted wounds?

Start today! Make a plan of action. Who are you going to teach in your company to do different aspects of your job? If there is no one you trust, you need to hire new people. Slowly build the muscle in your staff to stand without you. This takes time and energy to accomplish, but it is worth it.

Discipline. Being trapped is really a lack of discipline. Trust me, I am talking to myself as well. We know we should train, but it’s just so easy to do the job ourselves! To accomplish this think in terms overtime. Do you really want to do this same task tomorrow? This has helped me a lot. Another tip is to figure out your hourly wage and ask yourself if you would pay someone who amount to do the task.

Future-time. The reality is the more time you spend training and empowering your employees, the more you are multiplying time. As much as possible spend a portion of each day in this multiplication place. Think of training like investing. Spend at least part of your minutes each day investing in your future. The more time you spend, the bigger the pile of time will build.

Over time replacing yourself will bring bigger profits and more of an actual life. Take charge and run your business, instead of allowing your life to be controlled by it. Be blessed on your journey.

 How can you gain more freedom in your business?
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Home Run

Zechariah Newman —  March 16, 2015 — 8 Comments

It is tempting to swing for the fences with every action. This is how I operated in the online arena for a long time. Everything I did I was trying to tattoo that ball and hit it out of the park. I would put all of my effort and might into a single action. More importantly, I would watch the ball to see how far it flew.


photo by: Chris Ptacek

That is the negative aspect of home run swinging. It isn’t negative to put all of our effort into something, however, it is negative when we stand there and admire our hit watching to see how far the ball will carry. Will this be the effort that will send us over the edge? It ends up being a bunch of starting and stopping and as a result gaining no momentum.

 Momentum is the mass of the object multiplied by its velocity.

This is what we are after. Not a home run, but greater momentum. If we are little we create more momentum than our larger competitor by increasing our velocity. We need to ramp up our activity, not do a single act. I got the best news of my writing career, celebrated for a day and then went back to writing. Since then I have written ten posts in seven days. I want my momentum to increase. I have a goal that one single piece of big news does not accomplish my goal.

When you gain momentum everything is easier. It is as if you are swimming downstream with the current. Things begin to feel easy, when before you were straining to move an inch. With momentum your small effort has massive movement.

This is the power of momentum and why single-minded focus is so important. This is the reason you should have a goal outcome and do many actions toward it. The compounding effect of your effort multiplied by God rolls on top of each other.

These are simple steps to follow to create momentum in your life.

  1. Ask God what you should focus on.
  2. Write down what the goal outcome is.
  3. Plan the activities that will get you there.
  4. Start!
  5. Do a little bit every day.
  6. Don’t stop until it is finished.

Unless God calls you to something else, remain focused on a single outcome and your efforts will yield small outcomes. Then over time you will gain momentum. Over time is what you need to remember in order to fight discouragement because in the beginning it will feel like you’re going nowhere fast. Push on and fight again and again. Eventually you will overwhelm and surpass the goal. You can do it, little by little it can be done. Be blessed on your journey.

What has helped you gain momentum?

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What if you woke up today and the dreams you cry out for were handed to you? What if everything you petitioned to God for came about instantly? Sometimes we wish this was the case. In all reality, we wish this was the case all of the time. Let’s face it, most of the time we want to be playing God. We wouldn’t use those words, but that’s the truth.

beautiful sunrise

Photo by: KCNewman Photography

I have been thinking about this and really repenting in my posture toward God. A great example of people being handed their desires are lottery winners. Buying a ticket and winning sometimes multiple millions of dollars instantly. Researching this, several studies show that 70% or more of lottery winners are broke. It doesn’t matter how many millions of dollars they win, the result of losing it all is the same. This blessing ends up being a cursing.

I have judged these people with a lack of intelligence. However, I don’t believe intellect is the reason for these lottery winners to lose their fortune. Contrary to this, many self-made millionaires who have earned their way financially have lost everything and regained their wealth and beyond at a rapid pace. Here is the huge difference. The lottery winners didn’t change. They were handed money and didn’t have to become anything new.

Your dreams and mine are the same way. Your knowledge, skill set, relationship with Christ, and so much more needs to expand, grow, and change. You have not achieved your dream because you need to grow! If we were handed it today it would be a curse, not a blessing. God needs to chisel and change us into something new.

The process is painful and I don’t know about you, but I have shed many tears. I have struggled to trust God through the process at times. I have almost given up because it didn’t come in my way and my timing. For me chasing my dreams is a transforming process. It is a chance for me to practice faith and hope while growing the muscles of persistence. Will you submit to God and allow Him to change you?

Growth is the key to your dream. What skill do you need to grow? Do you need to hire a coach in an area? How about a course or a book? In what ways do you need to submit your will to God’s? Each time you ask growth questions instead of complaining about where you are you will make progress. If you complain, you will remain. Each time you lay down pride and choose humility you will advance. Submit to God’s will while doing all that you can today. His plan and timing is perfect. Trust your whole life to Him and not just the bits and pieces. Be blessed on your journey.

How do you need to grow?


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Calling and Attack

Zechariah Newman —  March 2, 2015 — 4 Comments

There is an enemy waging war on our souls. As we follow what God has for us, our souls always come under attack. Following God’s plan puts us on the edge of light and darkness. It is where we need God the most and He is the most present. If we sit passively the devil leaves us well enough alone, however, when we move and act our lives will come under opposition. This ground that we are taking back is not taken back easily and it can feel like we are wasting our time.


photo by: KCNewman Photography

You are a dangerous warrior as you pursue and live out your calling!

As I sat in my quiet time this morning, I felt God speaking to me, “Did you really think it would come easy? Did you think that when you are following what I have for you it would be smooth? Did you forget what the great men and women of faith went through?”

God never asked us to figure out when and how, but when I get discouraged this is what I go to. I believe the devil does three things to get us off of the path God has us on. I think he tries to distract, discourage, and dissuade us from moving. Where we have potential impact, the devil wants to keep it in just that form because potential doesn’t change anything, only action will.

Here is where I get confused sometimes. I get DISTRACTED by the wrong actions. The first actions that need to be taken by all of us is to focus on God. In Mathew 6:33 it says, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” We need to begin with our seeking and focus on the Kingdom of God. It is only when we seek His Kingdom that our actions come out of this place of eternal, not temporal focus.

When we come from an eternal focus the world looks and feels different. It becomes about others, not self-focused and empty. We need to be reminded constantly that the works of our hands are about others and not about ourselves. Our vocation is not our identity, our lives are not our own, and our business is not ours but God’s. To push through distraction, discouragement, and dissuasion focus on God. Focus on why you were on this journey in the first place. Live today with passion, dedicating even the smallest actions to the glory of God. Overtime this life of purposeful, dedicated action will lead to a life you could only imagine. Be blessed on your journey.

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I am a dream chaser. My dreaming nature was put there by God. I have discovered that most of the time my dreams bring life and energy to myself and those around me. Unfortunately, at times my dream has made my life miserable.

When in the right light, your dream is wonderful. However, being human we have to make sure that our dreams haven’t turned into one of these 4 things or the dreams will quickly become a nightmare.


photo by: KC Newman Photography

Lust. Lust is an overwhelming desire or craving. I believe pursuing our dreams turns to lust when we can’t be happy with our lives until we achieve what great grandeur is in our minds. I have been guilty of this; putting the dream on a pedestal thinking it will create happiness. This is a sure-fire way to ruin our lives.

Pursue the dreams that God has placed in your heart, realizing that some dreams will be seen when you are gone. Chase the dream giver instead of obsessing over the dream. When you can chase a dream with everything inside of you and are okay if it never happens, you are in a healthy place. It is a hard place to be but, it is a sign of someone who trusts God.

Identity. Where is your identity found? When it is tied to a business, dream, or achievements your focus is off. I have struggled in my business of not liking the identity of a pizza maker. I have swelled with an unhealthy sense of pride for the ability to work my face off.

Our identity is in Christ, being a son or daughter of the King. Don’t cheapen your identity by taking on something other than a priest or priestess of the King!

Self-centered. When we make our dreams about ourselves, pride gets inflamed. We are easily offended and have zero flexibility when others voice their opinions. Criticism is personal and our egos are shattered when others don’t catch the vision.

Our dreams are not about us! They are designed for others and only when we learn to serve others can we be happy. How can you serve people with your dream? A life focused on others is the only way to be truly happy. If you are miserable, reframe your life and position it around others and how you can help them.

Impatient. Although I have done all four of these things, this is the hardest for me. Impatience is no other thing than us trying to be God. If we trust God and we believe the Bible, it says that He is never late. So if we are uptight about how long something is taking, we are trying to assert ourselves into the mix as God.

Trusting God is not as easy as we make it sound, however, it is necessary. Enjoy life while you wait. If you and I don’t learn to enjoy the journey, what else is there? Life is a journey so we better get to truly living by trusting God’s timing.

Chase your dream, but if you are miserable on your journey may I suggest you examine why? Move forward, trust God, and serve others. Be blessed on your journey.

Are you a happy dream chaser?

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I have struggled most of my life to rest. Scurrying around, I have been too busy trying to accomplish and achieve. I have pushed my life to the limit until I would literally crash into depression. I suffered from panic attacks and high blood pressure and was told by my doctor if I didn’t fix my stress level, I would be headed to an early grave. To top it off, I was in the prime time of life, my mid-twenties.


photo by: KCNewman Photography

Slowly, but surely God has healed my life. I no longer suffer from panic attacks and my blood pressure is extremely healthy. Though I still need to fight to keep rest a priority, I now know why rest is so difficult, which makes it beatable. If you are struggling to rest, make sure these 4 things are not out of alignment.

  1. Trust. I struggle to trust God. If we are honest, most of us need to grow in this area of trusting God. I would focus on, “when, how and why” instead of just trusting Him and taking a step. Micro-analyzing and tiring your mind out is a sign of not trusting God. When you are missing peace and joy, you aren’t trusting God.

Trust with God is expanded through prayer, studying His Word, picking up His thoughts, and the love of a close brother or sister in Christ. If you are struggling to rest, it may be a sign of a lack of trust in God.

  1. Boundaries. Without proper boundaries, it is impossible to rest. We must have time of activity, but we must have time of rest built into our lives. Boundaries to insure proper sleep and to make sure we are observing times of quietness. In the world we live in, it is even more important to set boundaries. Technology has not made this easier. We live in an age where almost anything we want is at our fingertips. We must have points in the day away from technology.

Removing distractions and turning off technology is a necessary step to bring rest back to our lives. You must have a game plan to follow or life will swallow up every second. Make sure that proper boundaries are in place so you can get the rest that you need.

  1. Loss of Gratitude. When we don’t rest, we are missing a piece of gratitude. Throughout our lives there will be a gap from where we are and where we want to be. This is a great thing when it is healthy, however, it turns into poison when we lust after what God has not given us yet. Our desires can quickly turn into the cancer of our lives when not put in check.

The more you try and control things outside of your control, the more control you are giving it. You cannot control God’s timing. Give control of the gap time between where you are and where you want to be back to God. You can have peace on the journey while having gratitude with where you are and how far God has taken you. Contentment and peace return when gratitude comes back to our lives.

  1. Mask. For years I hid from everyone afraid to admit my sin and failure. Afraid to admit my lack of trust in God. Masking and hiding our lives at the root, is a lack of trusting God or man. In all actuality it is usually a lack of trust in both. Our relationship with man effects our relationship with God and vice versa. This leads to an unauthentic life and one that is a shell of what we are meant to live.

If you do not have authenticity built into your life, it is impossible to rest. The masks we wear leads to a Pharisee’s view point. We need to knock others down so that we don’t feel as bad about our hidden sin. The only way to defeat this unauthentic cover up is to let God and others into these places that we hide. It is not easy to begin to trust others, but it is necessary to a healthy life.


In the end, a lack of rest is a clear sign of us trying to make something happen instead of allowing God to work. God will give you what you need when you need it. Life being led by Christ is alive and uncommon. It is bold and courageous and it is the bringer of life. Allow Christ into the areas that you are protecting and guarding and rest will return to your soul. Deep healing is not easy and does not happen overnight. It is worth it though. Be blessed on your journey.

 Do you struggle to rest?

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This season in my life has been very challenging. It has been challenging in ways that I never expected or saw coming. When we are going through a hard time that challenge makes sense. The low point is tangible because where we want to be and where we are do not match. This latest obstacle had me so shaken that I had a couple days where I was so overwhelmed. I was on the verge of panic attacks and felt my breathe getting rapid and shallow. What was happening to me was growth and success.


photo by: KcNewman Photography

Though we get much more sympathy for moments of struggle and lack, abundance can feel overwhelming at times. When your business or dream takes off, there will be moments in your life that feel like you can’t handle anymore. These 4 things will help you to prosper during the stretch of growth!

Seasons of unbalance. Balance seems to be one of the buzz words floating around these days. The reality is something will always be out of balance and it is okay! A lot of what overwhelms me and I am sure you too is all that I “should” be doing. I am a Christian, husband, dad, son, friend, and entrepreneur. Each one of these things are blessings and each one can overwhelm me at times. I am sure the same is true for you as well. It is okay to be out of balance for seasons. The reality is that is life.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.”

Breathe. Be conscious of your breathing. When pressure becomes overwhelming you can have physiological effects. Slow your breathing and take deeper breathes. God made you, both body and spirit. Make sure that you do not neglect your body or the signs that it is giving you. If you are having shortness of breath, your body is telling you something.

Write it down. In times of feeling overwhelmed, it is important to write down what you are feeling. What do you have to do? What are outside influences? What are unneeded pressures and expectations by yourself or others? There will be things on your list to delegate, others to cross off and say “no” to, and some that you just need to grind and get done. Writing it down will help to formulate your emotions along with your to-do list. Write it down to remove the mental pressure.

God. It is with God that all things are possible. These moments are really great for us because we realize what is always true. We cannot do anything without God. We are inadequate on our own. We are more than conquerors in Him. Pray to God and refocus on Him. You will be given more than you can handle on your own, however, you will never be given more than what God can handle. Make sure to maintain your focus on God through all seasons.

It is important to be ready for all that life can throw at you. Growth and success can be a challenge, but you can overcome to get to new levels. To get where you want to go will be a constant refining process that is only accomplished through surrender to Christ. God will make you into what you need to be when you need to be it. Just trust Him. Be blessed on your journey.

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These days we hear a lot of talk about “chasing your dreams.” And since you’re a reader of Zech Newman’s blog, chances are that you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are pursing some big goals in life.

But as leaders and entrepreneurs, sometimes we get caught up in the excitement of pursing dreams and we don’t take enough time to evaluate the dreams themselves. The danger is that we could spend months, years, or perhaps our whole lives chasing dreams we’ll regret.

As Stephen Covey said in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, “It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in an activity trap, in the busy-ness of life, to work harder and harder at climbing the ladder of success only to discover it’s leaning against the wrong wall.”

So how do you know if you’re chasing the right dream? Here are five criteria to help you know for sure:

  1. Your dream is realistic.

As dreamers and possibility thinkers, we like to believe that anything is possible. While that’s a nice sentiment, it doesn’t align with reality. The truth is that you can’t be anyone you want to be, and you can’t do anything you want to do. Life has limitations.

When I say that your dream must be realistic, I simply mean that it must be possible. I can dream that I’ll be an NBA star someday, but as a 40-year-old guy who needs to lose about 30 lbs., it’s definitely not within the realm of possibility.

However, if I say, “I want to build a business that supports my family within three years,” that’s possible.

Make sure your dream is something you can actually accomplish (even if it might take a while).

  1. Your dream is aligned with your gifts and passions.

Any dream worth chasing will require years of hard work and effort. If it doesn’t resonate with the core of your being, you will probably quit before you accomplish anything worthwhile.

This past year, I made the critical mistake of buying into a networking marketing businesses focused on health products. I saw it as a way to pay off debt and move us toward our financial goals more quickly.

But I didn’t take into account the fact that success in network marketing requires skills and gifts I didn’t possess. I loved the products (and still use them), but I wasn’t truly passionate about the company. I realized I had made a mistake and got out of that particular business.

(I’m not suggesting that network marketing is bad; on the contrary, it’s a great business if you are passionate about your products, want to truly help people, and can develop skills in that type of selling.)

What are you passionate about? What is your personality? What are your talents and gifts? If those are all in alignment with your dream, you have a much better chance of success.

  1. Your dream is ultimately about others.

This may sound like a paradox, but your dream is not really about you. It’s ultimately about the people you serve in the process of achieving your dream.

In other words, your dream is not an end in itself. It’s the means to a greater end, and that end is serving others, improving their lives, and making the world a better place.

Your dream might be to become a best-selling author. But it’s not really about the books. It’s about the lives you can impact through your words.

Your dream might be to own a chain of restaurants. But it’s not really about the food; it’s about offering great value to your customers and providing an atmosphere where people can relax and strengthen their relationships. It’s also about being financially secure and having the means to help others more.

Your dream might be to live in a certain place. But it’s not really about the place itself; it’s about the peace and happiness that place brings to you and your family. It’s also about how you can offer your best to the world when you live in a place that brings you joy.

You see, your life is not ultimately about you, it’s about serving God and others. Your dream has to fit within that context. Think about your dream and make sure it’s something God can use to bless others.


  1. Your dream is too big for you to accomplish alone.

Is your dream something you can achieve by yourself, with no help from others? If so, it’s not a very worthwhile dream.

Any worthy dream will require help from friends, family, coaches, books, and other sources of encouragement and inspiration. Whether you are building a business or writing a book, the truth is that you simply cannot achieve it through your own effort.

This means that at times, you’ll have to swallow your pride and admit you need help. But this is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength and wisdom. The best leaders know their limitations and are quick to ask for help.

When you ask for help, it’s not just a matter of another person giving and you receiving. It’s a mutual exchange where both people are blessed. If you never give others the chance to help you, you are robbing them of the opportunity to serve, grow, and give.

  1. Your dream is supported by your family.

This is the most important piece of the puzzle. If your family doesn’t support your dream, you need to reconsider your direction. You first priority is to be a husband and father. Everything else comes in at a distant second.

I have been married for 18 years. In that time, I have learned that my wife has an uncanny intuition about things (as most women do). I constantly rely on her wisdom and judgment before accepting any kind of substantial opportunity or commitment.

If your family doesn’t support your dream, it may not be the right time. You definitely don’t want to chase a dream that will cause friction within your marriage or family.

Other times we are chasing the right dream, but we’re doing it in the wrong way. This is where we must rely on our wives for feedback about our schedules and commitments.

When we chase our dreams, we take our families along for the ride. It’s important to stop every once in a while to make sure everyone is on board.

Bottom line: Chasing a dream is exciting, but we can’t let our emotions get in the way of good judgment. Take a few moments to think through each of the points above and evaluate whether you’re chasing the right dream.

Post by: Kent Sanders writes about doing creative work that matters at He is also the author of 30 Days of Evernote for Churches and Professor of Worship at St. Louis Christian College in Florissant, Missouri. You can connect with him on Twitter @kentsanders.

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Trying To Arrive

Zechariah Newman —  January 26, 2015 — 6 Comments

I struggle often wondering if I will miss God’s voice. Wondering if I will do enough. Wondering why and trying to figure out when.

With this mindset I tend to be very fearful. When I am advancing and working there is no fear, but when I stop and rest I really struggle. Doubt, depression, and reasoning fill my mind and I tend to feel like I am not doing enough or I am off the mark. My mind can be exhausted on “off” days from the mental circus.


Photo by: KCNewman Photography

I know for sure that this reaction is not trusting God. That it is one of the ways at which I and maybe you try to do things on my or your own strength. I react to life as a man that is broken and in need of a Savior which is good, however, the problem is that it usually goes with a man that feels like he can arrive. That somehow the need for God will dissipate. That if I fix that one thing I will be on my way.

This type of living ends in a feeling of guilt, pain, and shame. When I approach life like this, I am always feeling guilty because I’m always a little short of where I “should” be. I feel like I don’t spend enough time with my family, on my business, health, friendships, church, rest and God. One thing is always not getting attention as I try an insane juggling act. Guilt that I am letting a ball drop and always guilt about what I am not doing. Rarely do I focus on victory.

When we walk through life in this manner, we self-reflect our inner dialogue onto others. Because we feel guilty about not doing enough and if our spouse says, “The kids miss you,” it is taken on as guilt of missing time with them and blaming your spouse for thinking that. All the while it is us that thinks these things. “See not doing enough and focused on money, we may think, but it comes out as an argument with our loving spouse.

There is a better way and it is simple yet difficult to do. Surrender. When you are surrendered to God, you are relying on Him to work it out. You are waiting on God’s timing and trusting He will let you know. You are trusting His purposes even when you don’t understand your current struggle.

I use to think that meant that I don’t do anything which drove me nuts. It is not that, however, surrender is acknowledging that your wants may be different than God’s plan. This does not mean we don’t want, but does mean that God’s plan is above our wants. We are to love God, love others, and do our work as unto the Lord.

When your life is surrendered, you are not rushing around defending yourself. You are others focused instead of wants focused. You are not trying to control and manipulate, but TRUSTING. Move forward this week with a surrendered heart and watch the worry and worn out mind dissipate. Be blessed on your journey.


How do you stay surrendered to God’s plan?


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One of the biggest attributes that is required to obtain any goal or dream is proper vision. If you can see where you are going it will create pull in your life, pulling you towards your dream instead of having to strain to take a step. A vision needs to be so compelling that you will push through and overcome roadblocks and setbacks. The ability to take a punch and keep on going will separate you from the pack.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Without vision there is death. Death of a dream and when vision is lost for your life, it can result in death of a body. It is important to unite with a vision. If you had vision and lost it, read this. The power of writing out your dream will keep your vision alive and cause it to thrive.

Proverbs 29:18 – Where [there is] no vision, the people perish: but he that keep the law, happy [is] he.

Writing out dreams was God’s idea! In Habakkuk 2:2-3 it says this, “Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. 3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”

Writing down your dream does these 4 things:

1. Makes it plain. We can make things more confusing than they need to be. Writing out the vision you hear from God will reduce your confusion and make choices easier. Make sure everything aligns with the picture and you will see your dream come about.

2. Speeds you up. Writing down your dream will pull you toward it. It is as if the writing helps your belief in what God has said. It is a way we agree and say, “Yes Lord.” Write out your dream and you will hit a whole new level of hustle and working your face off. Uniting with God by agreeing in writing will put rocket fuel in the chase.

3. Shows what is ahead. By writing down your dream you are agreeing and uniting with the dream giver. He gives us these dreams to give us extra motivation when things are rough. When the pain seems overwhelming and the rejection is all around us, it is the written dream that gets us back off the mat. Writing your dream will help you to carry on.

4. Gives patience. God is never late, but He isn’t early either. Man I wish He was early sometimes. When you look at your dream in writing, it will restore your faith both in God and in what He has said. What God promises, He delivers! Sometimes we have to wander through a desert and continue to trust God. At the correct appointed time He will be faithful to bring it about. Writing out your vision will give you patience when the road is long.

Write out what you feel God is speaking to you. Keep what you wrote in a place that you can look at it often. On this journey you will want a constant reminder through the highs and lows of what God said. You will be amazed at what following God’s example will do for your life. Your eyes will be opened as you trust Him and His timing. Be blessed on your journey.

Have you written out your vision?

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