In 2004 I bought my first restaurant. I had no clue of the life changing experience that entrepreneurship would be. Entrepreneurs, know that it can be one of the most fulfilling things to own your own business, however, it can also bring you to your knees in a hurry.

I have went through many seasons as an entrepreneur. Through the highs of starting my own business, to the lows of depression and anxiety of being overwhelmed and scared. It took me years to recover my true passion in my business and run my life instead of it running me.

I have real life stories of failures and triumphs. I can motivate and teach your audience how to take immediate action and make changes.

Email me at zechariahnewman@gmail.com for more information.

What You Can Expect

Quick response to your emails and phone calls. I know how valuable your time is.

Personal consultation to make sure that I understand exactly what you’re looking for and can deliver what you need. I want to provide your audience with the most value.

Event promotion through my social media channels including my blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I have an active network that will highlight your event.

Passionate delivery in an easy to comprehend manner. These aren’t theories I’ll be speaking on. This is real life experience forged in the fire of entrepreneurship that I will be sharing.

Experience I have spoken on stages with audiences ranging from 20 to 500 people. I speak to both faith based groups and secular groups Large or small, I have what it takes to inspire action.

Immediate follow up to make sure expectations were met or exceeded and a chance for you to give feedback to help me improve.

Email me at zechariahnewman@gmail.com to check my availability.

Restoring the mind
My most requested speaking topics:

Entrepreneurship. A family business. If you are a business owner with a family I don’t need to tell you how hard is to balance family and business. Unfortunately often times we drag our family along instead of doing business as a family. My session will talk about living a life of balance and working with your family instead of against them. Chase your dreams with your family! You can have a healthy and vibrant business and family.

Employee retention and motivation. My success in restaurants is all do to my great staff. In the beginning of my business ownership I was a terrible boss. I only cared for myself and was so concerned about respect that I drove people away. Now I have a staff that works with me to see our dreams to fruition. Sixty percent of my staff has been with me over five years. That is in a minimum wage field. This talk will give you take a ways to build a dream team.

Hope through the fire. My wife and I experienced the heart ache of miscarriages. We thought we would never be able to have kids though we desperately desired to be parents. Though the talk is based around trouble having children, the message of hope and faith in God transfers to all areas of life.This talk will give you hope and faith in God. It will give you actionable advice to increase your hope.

Faith in the workplace. As a Christian entrepreneur, I believe God called us into business for a reason. This mantel is given to you to show the love of Christ. You have a greater impact on your staff and community than you can imagine. I will talk about practical ways to share and show your faith to be a business leader that stewards well.