Dreams That Last     Dreams That Last is it is not some theory. It is real life failures, defeats, and victory. Step into all that God has for you by chasing your dreams the right way!

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The thing I love most about Zech is the fact he puts God first, his Family second, and his dream third. Yet through this all he seems to find the balance in having fulfillment in all three areas. He is a young awesome father who works hard and shares that in his book. He truly opens up our eyes to see what life means when you restore your significance in Christ and believe in yourself and your dream.

Zech shows us what it truly means to be the Father he knows God created him to be while chasing the dream he knows he was meant to live. There is a reason you bought this book as did I. It is incredible. Full of scripture and words to reflect upon. Zech is a truly cool cat and an awesome writer. Make sure you check out more of his writing at ( When you get a spare second that is between being a dad, and hustling for your business, as Zech is doing daily. 🙂

Great read.

Jason Pockrandt

Highly motivating, encouraging, and effective leadership are 3 characteristics of Zechariah Newman. This book is a must read and will help you improve your life, achieve your goals and develop more meaningful relationships. I look forward to many more future publications because the direction is specific, clear, actionable and life changing which leaves me wanting more.


Zech has done a great job handling many of the areas that dream chasers struggle with. I appreciate  his wisdom and insight in these pages. If you are chasing a dream, this book is an asset.

Ngina Otiende

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