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Recommendations for Finding Your Path:

“Whether you’re heading towards your dream, or you’re still trying to figure out what that means and you need that extra encouragement along the way, this concise and thoughtful ebook will give you just that. Well worth a read!”~ Richard Langton Pastor of the Creative Team at Hillsong and writer. Follow Him on Twitter and Facebook

“It’s an easier path to try to do this ‘stuff’ on your own. In Zech’s book he teaches us a powerful lesson, the best way is through Him. This is a book all about action and practical advice. You will read it and get to work right away!”~ Kimanzi Constable Author, Speaker, Life Coach Follow Him on Twitter and Facebook

Find Your Path is a gold mind full of practical wisdom. Be warned, this book will inspire you to take action! So read and apply the content.”     ~ Dan Black Author, Speaker, and Coach Follow Him on Twitter


5 Coaching videos on Christian entrepreneurship and dream chasing.


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