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Start This Hour

zechariahnewman —  June 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

Many of us have decided to start eating healthy once we have over-ate or made a claim to watch less television after spending a whole day watching the glowing cube. Or my personal favorite that I used for years was I will read my bible tomorrow. Why is it that we decide to pursue what we really want out of this life after we have done almost the complete opposite of our long-term dream. An almost fantasy for tomorrow while today is wasted. We know God has called us to something different but we are unwilling to make the commitment until our flesh is fulfilled.

Of course we can spend less money after a huge shopping spree and will exercise tomorrow after sitting all day. These are easy ways to lie to ourselves while we live out our days in tomorrows. General George Patton JR said, “A good plan executed today is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite point in the future.”

It is as simple as this: dip our toe in the water and ease in, or jump in the deep end. Either way get wet. Don’t sit by the pool saying, “I’m hot man the pool would be nice, tomorrow that will be so nice to get in the pool. I’m going to sit here and wait til tomorrow.”  That would be silly, but we all do that. So if we want to lose some pounds we need to put the donut down now. If we want to get out of debt we need to stop using debt now. Let’s live for today and tomorrow will come, for we will already have one day toward our dream. One day toward those things that will truly make us smile.

Fear is the number one roadblock in this life to not achieving our goals and dreams.  Every person feels fear, so why do some seem to rise above the fears while others shrink back and freeze?  What makes one person rise up and seize the vision for their life while another sinks lower and lower blaming all for their lack of success?  There are many reasons that we all fear, but the one I would like to focus on today is the fear that the dream and vision is too large. Here are some examples: “I can’t possibly run a marathon that’s too far.” ” A million dollars! I will never have a million dollars.”  Maybe your dreams or visions are not either of these things, but if you’re a dreamer like me they are probably really big and huge and while at least a little scary.

Reducing  long-term dreams and goals down into yearly and monthly goals will create a sense of accomplishment.  If the goal is big and it will take ten years to get to the finished project it is easy to not start.  Instead if it is broken down into yearly goals and then into monthly when we start, there is a sense of living our dream today not someday way off  ten years from now.  When we work on our dream now and accomplish our goal for the month there is a since that the ship has left the dock.  We are on our way and it energizes us the next month and the next month and then one day we look up and can’t believe our eyes we are so close we can taste it.

Breaking down the dreams also allows our mind and heart to focus on today.  Nothing kills a dream faster than never moving into the doing part of the dream.  We all know the dreamers, they say things like, “If someone would only” and “I’m just waiting on…”.   If this is you stop it and start doing something, anything. Inaction is the killer of dreams.  If we break down the dream into bite size pieces we can do something today and that focus day after day over time leads to the mountain of success.

Living just for today allows God to give us what we need.  God gives us and provides everything we need for today. The Bible talks a lot about God’s provision for today.  If God showed us everything at once we would say “no thanks” that’s too hard.  But He gives us the grace we need just for the day so we can rise up and seize all that He has for us.

So today I encourage everyone to start living your dream today by reducing your goals down into bite size pieces.  Be like a river flowing in and out of.  Arise and seize the day.  Plan your dreams for just today and we all will be blessed.