How to Increase Your Confidence to Seize Your Dreams

Zechariah Newman —  December 15, 2018

In one moment of bravery everything can change.

I have had a few moments in my life where I have been very brave. Asking my girlfriend to marry me, starting a business, starting this blog are among those brave instances that have changed the trajectory of my life. I’m thankful that I had courage in those moments, but afterwards when I had time to think, I was petrified.

I’m so thankful that in those moments I sided with courage and not fear. I would have never married my high school sweetheart, built a thriving business, or have you read anything I had to say. Bravery in action will open up the possibility for your dreams to come true.

I have seen in my own life that I act in a brave manner the more confidence I have. I’m sure if you looked at your life you would see the same pattern. Have you ever accomplished anything when you sat back in fear? Of course not. The more fearful and scared we are, the more problems we see and the less opportunity and blessings we see. More breakthrough will be possible when you walk in confidence.

Gain your confidence by doing these 4 things so that you can walk in bravery to reach your dreams.

Identity in Christ

Knowing who you are in Christ is the most powerful way to be confident. We are flawed creatures who are redeemed by Christ and now take on His nature. You are not your sins, mistakes, and shortcomings. You are a son or daughter of the King of the universe. When you are feeling low and have a lack of confidence, remember who you belong to. The truth of God’s Word is above your feelings. No matter what you feel, you need to remind yourself over and over, I am what the Word of God says I am.


Working out raises your confidence in so many ways. Exercise increases your energy level and oxygen capacity. Exercising for a few minutes can help de-stress and refocus onto positive things in life. When you exercise you will be able to lift heavier weights or run faster or further giving yourself the gift of success and progress. The more you exercise the more your bodies will change which will also affect your confidence. Find a time of day and type of exercise that you enjoy and workout to raise your confidence.

A Close Marriage

There is one person in this world who affects my confidence more than anyone else and it’s my wife. When I struggle to see myself as God sees me she speaks life into my heart. She thinks I am all that and a bag of chips and it makes me walk with my head high. Your spouse can give you confidence if you are working on your marriage. Prioritize your marriage and grow closer to each other so that you can help build one another up. That is the way marriage was designed to be a safe place where we build each other up, but often we get distracted and start seeing flaws and stop pursuing our spouse. Work on your marriage to raise your dream chasing confidence.

Inner Circle

Who you allow in your inner circle will directly affect your confidence. You need people walking through life with you that build up and strengthen you. Make sure the people you are involved with see your awesomeness and not your flaws. They should be able to speak truth from a place of love and safety. Build an inner circle that will lift you up when you’re going emo and you will walk with confidence more often.

One of the awesome things about this confidence list is that all of these things will have other positive effects. If these don’t work you will still be ripped like Arnold, have a close marriage, and great friends. You are able to do what is in your heart. Build these things into your life so that you can see that more often and capitalize on the opportunities around you. You were built to chase dreams, just make sure to bring your family with you.

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