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A few years ago I went halibut fishing in Alaska. That was the moment it became apparent; I get sea sick.

As we were going out to the spot where we were fishing at, I felt fine. The second we stopped to fish and drop our lines in the water, that fine feeling slowly slipped into I’m going to up chuck over the side of this boat. If you have never been on the ocean, it’s the swells that get you. I had started watching my pole and the highs rolling into lows caused this guy to feed the seagulls his breakfast. Try reeling in a fish and puking at the same time; it’s an experience!

When you get seduced into looking at the waves, you get sick. However, there is one thing that can help you when you are feeling sick and that is to keep your gaze and focus on the horizon. Looking at the horizon, levels out the high highs and the low lows.

When you are chasing dreams and goals that are beyond what you can see, you have a different kind of wave that has a higher cost than wiping your mouth of a little regurgitated cereal. That wave is the wave of belief.

One moment you are up high: Move out of my way, I’m going to make this happen! I’m quitting my job and going all in baby. You may think. The next you are low: What am I thinking? I can’t give up all this! In fact, I don’t think I can even make that dream come true. Your emotions make about as much sense as a two year old’s emotions. Try reasoning with a two year old and you won’t have much success.

The same method of stopping the upchuck shuffle is required for the waves of belief: look to the horizon. The horizon balances out emotions to a point where your wife or husband doesn’t go nuts by listening to you switch back and forth from a conquering hero to Eeyore, the sad donkey, on Winnie-the-Pooh.

The horizon of future.

When we set our gaze out in the future, it levels out the boat. Where God is calling you in the future isn’t where you are today. I know this because you’re reading a blog about chasing goals and dreams, and also we are not called to live a stagnant life. When you look to the future, what excites you about where you are going? Can you see yourself accomplishing your dreams?

The clearer you are on your preferred future, the more the wave chop will get taken out of your belief. When you want to cry to your mama, you will instead have the resolve to keep pushing through. When the future looks so good you can overcome the obstacles of today. If you have not taken the time to write down what you think God is calling you toward, please start. It is crucial because the road is long and the valleys can be deep. You will need the reminder about where you are going.

The God of the horizon.

Doubt is usually a product of circumstances. When we switch our gaze toward God, we are reminded about whom He is and not where we suck. We are reminded of who controls the cosmos and made the ant and who made us for purpose. God is in your corner. He made good works for you to do. He will give you the strength when you feel like you have nothing left to give. There are 4 things that help me to fix my gaze on God.

1. Silence and solitude in the morning, praying to Him.
2. Memorizing a verse to meditate on throughout the day.
3. Reading through my identity in Christ.
4. Praying audibly about my struggles.

Friends of the horizon.

Friends of the horizon doesn’t make sense, but I had a theme going on here. We need friends that we can reach out to when we are struggling. Friends that you respect and can remind you that you do have what it takes. A reminder that you can overcome challenges and setbacks. That you are awesomer than awesome. See I even make up words because you are so awesome. Building community is critical to dream chasing because we need a physical person to believe in our ability. Grab some friends and ask them if you can reach out in your low moments and tell them what you need from them in regards to support.

Keep your gaze up and don’t get seduced by the waves of emotions. God has placed in you a desire for a reason. Run to win the prize. You have what it takes. Be blessed on your journey.

Questions to ponder:

What excites me about where I am going?
When do I struggle and want to give up on my big goals?

Prayer: God, I am full of doubt and fear. Help me to run the race in a way that honors you. Give me strength to overcome my lack of faith. Give me wisdom in my dream chasing journey to set up a plan of horizon. I will be faithful no matter what to what you have placed in me. Amen.

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