4 Ways to Make Sure Your Dream is a Blessing

Zechariah Newman —  February 11, 2018 — Leave a comment

I love me some gravy!

Gravy is one of my favorite foods and I eat my fair share of it around the holidays. That may or may not be the reason I’m headed to the gym more in 2018.

As I was thinking about gravy and its gloriousness, I also thought about how it is awful on its own. Gravy needs to be paired with things to be good. It is an addition to the meal.

No one sits down and thinks I’m going have a bowl full of gravy for dinner. Well, if you do, you need some help and a personal trainer.

Your dream is just like gravy.

When your dream is in alignment it is wonderful. Your dream adds to life and enhances everything. You are more alive and engaged when you pursue your dream that God put in your heart.

Here is the thing though I think sometimes you may be like me. You try and just shovel that gravy all by itself into your pie hole. You forget that family and God come before the dream.

Only when we put family and God first does your dream become a blessing and not a curse. We can blame our dream for making our lives miserable when it is nothing, but the way at which we are pursuing our dreams.

If you are struggling to know if your dream is in the right place check these 4 things.

Are you pursuing a dream? Look, mashed potatoes with nothing on them is just gross. Your dream needs to be pursued or your life is a dryer version of what it could be. Pursuing your dream will make you a man on fire if you stay grounded.

Accountability! Accountability is so much fun! I figured if I put an exclamation point it would be easier to swallow. I hate accountability, because I would rather just do what I want even when it harms me and those I love. The reality is that accountability will help you to stay focused on what truly matters in a way that is honorable.

Priority. Live out a priority that starts with God, spouse, children, then your awesome dream. When you do this, you are living in a way that makes sure you have your dream and the things that matter most. This will mean that you will run a race at a slower pace, however, it also means your dream won’t suck.

Calendar. Most of us make a calendar with what we have to do and then fill in the gaps. I think you should change that approach. Instead, ask yourself who do you want to become and add those things in your calendar first. A few of the things that are on my list are: close to Christ, physically fit, tight-knit family, a growing marriage, a writer, speaker and coach. My calendar has those things on it first and then I plug my to-do list after.

Pursue your dream! Pursue your dream in an and fashion, not an or way. Faith, family, and dream. Not faith, family, or dream. When you chase your dream with the end in mind, you will get to enjoy the gravy. Be blessed on your journey.

How do you make sure your dream is a blessing and not a curse?

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