A Happy Dream Chaser?

Zechariah Newman —  March 6, 2017 — 2 Comments

Inside every one of us is the dream of a destiny and a calling.

Somewhere deep inside is a cry for a purpose, a calling that will reveal our place in this world. These dreams all look different, but mine went something like this.

There I was walking along on a cold and dreary day the Oregon rain falling on my face when out of nowhere a light pierced the darkness. This light sliced through the darkness, as a host of angels begin to sing, Welcome to the Jungle.

From the light, a voice like Morgan Freeman’s boomed, “This is Zechariah Newman, and he is here to save the world!” The voice went on to detail exactly what I was to do and how long I would have to work. And yes, the angels were still singing.

This revelation would, obviously, transform my life. I would travel the world, work four hours a week, help millions of people, and make millions of dollars. A win-win for humanity—and me. I would be a cross between Mother Teresa and Richard Branson.

Maybe your dreams don’t include angels, 1980’s classic rock, or a voice like Morgan Freeman. Okay, it probably doesn’t include any of those things. However, there is one thing universal to dreamers: the great tension between reality and our dreams.

What we’ve dreamed up in the spaces in between our ears and beating in our chest can make us go emo.

Depressed and disillusioned we can give up our dream of a purposeful life.

Happiness won’t last when expectations are attached to them.

When we have expectations, we are in a constant state of comparing our reality to our dream. Hence the emo rollercoaster. Up down and sideways we allow emotions to be the running engine to the dream. So, we give up one day and want to conquer the world the next day. Stopping and starting we will never gain momentum.

A much better way then expectation is appreciation.

When we are grateful we have energy and passion to pursue that is in our heart and mind.

Appreciation allows us to work on today’s work today. It focuses us on what is right and we produce more of the good we see around us. Striving is removed and a focused joy will settles in.To raise my appreciation I do these 5 things.

  1. Start with God. The Bible says seek Him first and all these things will be added. When I start with God as my source I have appreciation in my heart and mind.
  2. I thank God for anything big and small.
  3. I list 5 things I am grateful for that can never be taken away.
  4. I see in you. I have one conversation with someone about the good I see in them every day.
  5. I exercise daily to get endorphins flowing that physiologically make me feel better.

When I build these 5 daily disciplines into my life I lose my expectations and they are replaced with anticipation and appreciation. As you chase your dreams remember you are blessed beyond measure with the right prospective. Be blessed on your journey.

How do you stay appreciative?
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  • A few years ago, I joined the “Thank You Revolution.” I try to write at least one hand-written Thank You Note each week – typically on Thank You Thursday. This has been a fantastic disciple for keeping me grateful.