Leaders Shouldn’t be Alone

Zechariah Newman —  February 9, 2017 — Leave a comment

I had just had a typical day for this entrepreneur. My days start out the same, time alone in the morning followed by a day full of leading, exhorting, and vision casting. My day consists of being always surrounded by people. As I was driving home, I couldn’t help but feel all alone.

The number one struggle I have had which I think is common among go-getter entrepreneurs is friendships. The further I have climbed the ladder of leadership the fewer friends for just friendship sake I have. In these short moments to think I often realize that most of the relationships are part of a game of chess in my mind. Almost all relationships that I have outside of my family, I am either leading, or they are mentoring me. I have justified this as proper stewardship of time and energy because I am always focused on the next goal and only allocate time to climb that mountain. However, when we don’t make time for friends we are robbing ourselves of so much. Here are four benefits to making friendships a priority.

Mental Freedom. One of the biggest benefits to friendship outside of our business is a separation of tasks and the ability to turn the mind off of it’s regular focus. Anytime I switch my mind from my business I think of the best ideas. In the shower, running, hanging out with friends frees my mind. It is as if the software in the back of the brain doesn’t have permission to think creatively until you are not trying to think about your business. Friendships are wonderful for your mental freedom.

Transparency. The only way we can feel truly known by others is when we are transparent with them. Otherwise, they love a false version of us. When you are leading a group of people, it is impossible to be totally transparent. This is what can lead to that lonely feeling, “do they know the true me?” You may think. This can lend towards loneliness because you have fewer people that know you intimately. Close friendships allow places for you to be honest in struggle and triumph.

Perspective. When you stay focused on the business all the time you can loose the forest through the trees. An outside perspective of life, business, and you, in general, is so needed. I have had many casual conversations with friends that have led me to freedom in business and life. Friends outside of work can give us a great change of perspective.

Wiring. You and I are hardwired for actual relationship yet often it gets the least of our time and energy. As you focus on relationships, you will see a return to living and health. An energy level increase and peace that we will not find in isolation. Relationships are needed for growth and health. You were wired to be in relationship.

Don’t wait any longer and start pursuing friendships today. The old saying goes, to make a friend be a friend. Join entrepreneurs meet up, a Small group at church, Lions club, Rotary club, or a chamber of commerce. There are many opportunities out there just step out and take the risk of authentic friendship. Be blessed on your journey.

Do you feel alone in entrepreneurship?


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