Who’s Writing Your Story?

Zechariah Newman —  July 1, 2016 — Leave a comment

God is writing a story for our lives and often it goes differently than we imagine. We picture a lot of different things but for me and my life, most of the things that I imagine involve me, myself, and I. Consumed often with what I will get out of the dream, relationship, money, situation, and out of God Himself. After all, it is my dream, so in every area of my life I take the pen back from the Creator of the Universe and write my story.


Writing my story starts out AWESOME! Avoidance of pain is one of the primary drivers of humans and when I get to be the author of my life I can avoid a lot of pain. I can also seek the other driver pleasure. So in the writing of my story, I seek a lot of pleasure. In our quest for pleasure and avoidance of pain, we move into isolation and the familiar. We settle for a safe life avoiding the Giants and worshiping things we can see. So we sow comfortable and safe seeds. When we write our story, we sow debt, shallow relationships, and nervousness just to name a few. We settle and the settling changes us. When we live a life that is self-seeking, we can’t possibly live a life of fruit. We become these wimpy faithless existing creatures. Then wonder, where the fire is in life? We reap loneliness, stress, and fear in this survival that we often settle for. We become a prisoner to self, empty and alone. It is amazing that some how when I feel this way I blame God.

Chasing feelings and running from fears robs the breath of thriving life from our lives and exchanges it with a shallow breath of scarcely living. Actual life flows out and from God writing your story. When God writes your story, you end up being a giant killer. You take back land from the enemy. You restore what is lost, and bring hope to the nations. Many insignificant things end up having such a ripple effect that have such true meaning and value. You live a story that Hollywood could never reproduce. You live a story different from what you thought you wanted, and somehow there is peace, enjoyment, and fulfillment in it. You live a story that embraces challenges and looks for people to bring along with you. A life wholeheartedly committed to God sees that anything is possible.

When we live for God, we live in confidence. We live in hope. We have no choice but to spread hope. Beacons of light going out in the darkness to change the community. We live in the in between with courageous faith that God will move the mountain. We live in a focused urgency for the Good Shepherd. Our business becomes His. Our families become His. Our very life becomes one that dedicated and consecrated to Him. It is in this surrender that we say, “I don’t know how it is possible, but God this is what you’re calling me too, and I will trust You.” I will wholeheartedly follow You. I will lay down my life so that you can give me true life. And at that moment that we become blessed on our journey.


Who’s writing your story?

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