4 Ways to show your wife you love her

Zechariah Newman —  February 22, 2016 — Leave a comment

When building your business, you need to remind yourself that your spouse and children come first. When your spouse is not working for the business, they can feel second if you’re not intentional. I have been married to my High school sweetheart for eleven years. It has been a great ride, but I would be lying if I said that two becoming one was always a smooth and easy process. At times, I have been on auto pilot in Marriage instead of pursuing her like when we were dating. The standard should be to grow continually and improve in our marriages. I have such an awesome marriage, but I know I am always capable of more. That there is areas that I could love her more the way she needs.

Ephesians 5:25

Men let’s commit to love our wives more deeply in these four areas.

1. Lead. Let’s lead better. Looking at the landscape of our society we have dropped the ball as men. We should be leading much better, we should be leading by example and humility. Instead, I often see men myself included as consumers only caring about our wants and desires. Leading is putting your family first. Leading is hitting your knees in prayer, leading well is not needing to be asked to help around the house or with your kids. Leading is allowing others to go second because we are brave enough to go first. First to apologize, first to serve, and first to appreciate.

This year and the years to come I pledge to be a better leader of my family.

2. Follow God. The more I follow and chase after Christ the more my wife feels love. God allows me to love on a whole other level when I am abiding in Him. He changes my heart from selfish to one of service. Only when I feel the love of God, can I love to that level and as a husband that is my duty. To love my wife the way Christ loved the Church. I can only love my wife sacrificially the way she deserves when I submit to and am yoked to Christ.

This year and the years to come I pledge to have a more intimate relationship with God.

3. Presence. My wife’s biggest love language is quality time. As someone who is always on the move and thinking, doing T-charts, and budgets I struggle to be at this very moment. As you can guess, this can be a problem. Most of our discussions are about my inability to be here and how it makes her feel unloved. As I am working on this, I need to set boundaries with technology and yellow pads. Focusing on presence is helping me; as measurement and focus improves performance.

This year and the years to come I pledge to be here in the now with you more every day.

4. Discover. We could spend our whole lives trying to discover our wives, and we will still not fully know them. When we are dating it is simple to seek to figure out our partners but somewhere along the line, we get comfortable. We stop discovering and pursuing our mates. We stop finding new things they like, looking entirely at them and finding new ways to love them. We settle for good enough instead of a continual pursuit.

This year and the years to come I pledge to investigate and discover who you are.

Good enough is just not good enough for me. This year press in a little deeper get to know your wife a bit more. Be the knight in shining armor that you are meant to be. Fight for your marriage, fight for her heart and you will be blessed beyond measure in your marriage journey.

How can you love your wife more?

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