Goals and Your Success

Zechariah Newman —  January 24, 2016 — 3 Comments

Goals that you make say a lot about your success. Success as you perceive it at least. The things that you put down as goals are what you are using as the measuring stick of success. If you are like me, and I think most Americans and probably most people around the world, your success, and your focus are on two things: money and being physically fit.


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Finances and fitness are what most of us are placing the highest value on because as a goal it is getting your attention and your time. I was looking at my goals and realizing that they were way too focused on money and staying fit. Though finances and fitness are important to me they are not as important as eternity, family, and helping others. Prominent in my heart that is, but not with my focus.

The value of finances and fitness is constantly shoved on us. Propagandized consistently to buy a bigger house, drive a nicer car, and fit in certain size clothes. Shouting and whispering softly into our ears what we need. These things begin to fill gaps and cry out that they will make us happy. Our idea of success can get lost in this noisy world. We can get caught in the rat race and lose our identity.

Our success needs to be redefined and shaped into what we want. For me, I want my kids to be close, and close to their mom and I. I wish to lead and influence a generation to follow after Jesus. I want to help so many people that I lose track. I want to be a difference maker. Money matters to me as well as health, however, not to the degree that these other things do. So shouldn’t my goals match that truth?

How about you? What do you want?

I have heard Michael Hyatt talk about this. He says that you should picture a room full of the people in your life that matter to you. There you are lying in the middle of a casket. They are attending your funeral now. What would you like each person to say about you? There are two takeaways for me.

Life is finite. Your life on earth is finite meaning that it will come to an end. Don’t live like you are going to live on this earth forever, but be fully aware that you are going to die. We are going to leave this world behind, and I would hope that our goal should be to leave it better. Live like you are dying to have the greatest impact.

Intentionality. We should be intentional with every relationship, cultivating what we desire in the end. When you imagine the end in mind and work your way back to the beginning, you have more clarity. Time spent with family starts to matter more. Health for a different reason other than looks. Intentional in the words we speak, the time we spend, and attention we give. Intentionality in all areas of your life will give you a better idea of true success.

After you have spent some time redefining what matters when you are gone, now you need to come up with some goals. Often I set big lofty goals that are outcomes I frankly give up on before I come close. However, now I am doing something a little differently. Now I am putting small, easy goals that lead to the bigger sustainable actions. So if your goal is to drop a particular weight and gain muscle, what if instead it was to walk through the gym doors five days a week? Goals that focus on small sustainable actions will help you to have the stamina to keep going when life gets hard instead of throwing in the towel like everyone else by February.

Goals and success strategy.

1. Remove others’ measure of success.

2. What does success look like for you?

3. Be intentional knowing that you don’t have eternity on earth.

4. Set small easy to hit goals that lead to the BIG win.

As you peel back the layers of your heart don’t be surprised if what you want moves. It is more than okay and is part of discovering what God has for you. Don’t stop. Keep pressing on and God will take you places. Be blessed on your journey.

Are you chasing true success?

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  • Great thoughts Zech! True and lasting success is about living a life of significance and adding value to those around us.