4 Things That Lead to Sudden Breakthrough

Zechariah Newman —  October 10, 2015 — 10 Comments

This week has been a whirlwind. There are so many things that have just happened and I am stunned with the speed of breakthrough. I will be launching a new podcast with a good friend. We sold our home in less than 24 hours and found a home that is a house I use to only dream about being able to afford. I landed two huge writing opportunities and have watched all the timing work out perfectly. Finances, favor, and timing have been seamless.


If you looked at this week you would think that everything is just happening. You may wonder how all of this happened overnight? You may want to know what the secret is to having any of these opportunities. Isn’t that how we operate? We want to know what the secret is and how can we get there quickly. I have done this as I fought and still fight jealousy. I have focused on the wrong things and as a result instead of blessings I got frustration and burnout. These 4 things will lead to sudden breakthrough.

Run your race. It takes discipline to focus on what only what you are doing instead of what other people are doing. You easily can lose yourself in the shuffle. I struggle with seeing a shiny new object and getting distracted from my goals and what I sense God is calling me to. You have been entrusted with certain things that only YOU can do. Stay in your lane and do your thing. Be faithful and you will see breakthrough.

Pain. To accomplish breakthrough you will go through a lot of pain. The fact is no matter what, we will experience pain and discomfort. We will either have pain then a harvest or have a false harvest and then pain. Pain is inevitable so you might as well get a reward from it. Falling for the instant gratification of debt will only prolong and put off your breakthrough. By trying to avoid the pain of cutting expenses you will cause yourself a greater pain. Embrace pain and you will leap forward.

Focus. In a culture that can’t focus on anything for five seconds you will need to buck this trend. When aiming at a goal or vision you will need to work at it a long time without seeing any results. We have been paying extra on our mortgage since we moved into our house nine years ago. Nine years has not been a piece of cake. We have had lean months and months of abundance, but we kept hammering at the mortgage. We haven’t done everything perfect, however, we have stayed focused. Focus over time will carve out your own personal breakthrough.

Abundance. One of the biggest keys to enjoying the journey on your way to breakthrough is having a world view of abundance. To be totally transparent at times, I struggle here and it leads to jealousy and covetousness (having or showing a great desire to possess something, typically something belonging to someone else). On the journey to breakthrough we must remember that God is the God of more than enough. Someone else getting what you desire does not stop you from getting it. I believe that God tests our hearts on this journey. We must be faithful with our attitude and we will see breakthrough!

I wish things just happened like it appears. I wish that there was a magic bullet, but I haven’t found one that exists. I looked for the painless and quick answer for so long that I missed the answers that I didn’t want to hear. Pain, focus, and time are not fun things to talk about, however, it is how businesses are built and dreams are fulfilled.

Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Keep grinding and keep trusting God. Your harvest is coming. Be blessed on your journey!

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  • Sarah

    I needed this message today more than you know. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • I’m glad it found you when you needed it. God has you just keep grinding it out. 😉

  • Great post! Keeping running and being focused on our purpose is how we become successful.

  • Focus is easy for me (one of my top 5 in StrengthsFinders) and has always been a key to breakthroughs for me.

    At the same time, pain…which is obviously not easy, especially when it is the result of a mistake I make, has been a key to breakthroughs as well. When it comes to pain, it is important to embrace my mistake quickly and humbly own it. If I don’t, I build walls instead of experience breakthroughs.

    Thanks for posting. Good stuff!

    • Focus is my hardest thing;) Thanks for adding value to the conversation. Appreciate you Kent.

      • I didn’t know that about you, Zech. Focus is hard for me when I don’t decide what my focus will be, so when I get up, I “Lead My Life From Quiet” (wrote a blog on this, I think you’ve seen it). During that time, I decide what I’ll focus on first thing. Then, I give 1-4 hours on that thing without looking at my cell phone, reading blogs, etc. Works really well for my I/D personality. Maybe it will work for you too. Hope it helps.

        Appreciate you!

        • Yes I have thanks for the reminder. I will focus on that this week!

        • Arlen Miller

          Mr. Kent, Sounds fascinating. Can you provide link, please? Tried to find and haven’t been successful.

  • Arlen Miller

    Whoa back, Sir. Whirlwind indeed! Any chance you considered crying and laughing and whooping and hollering… all in the same moment? I’m delighted for you, Mr. Zech. I’m thinking these are some of the exact things you and your wife have been waiting on. Right? So happy for you, my friend.