5 Ways to Make Your Dream a Family Dream

Zechariah Newman —  July 6, 2015 — 3 Comments
Chasing a dream requires so much energy and focus that if you are not careful it can divide your marriage. However, chasing a dream properly has the potential to unite and bond you closer to your spouse. A couple headed together towards a common vision is so dynamic and reaches a level of intimacy that many dream of.
In the beginning of my dream chasing journey I pursued my dream so selfishly that I put strain and pressure on my marriage. Don’t let this happen to you. Chase a common dream instead of a selfish ambition. It will require a little more time and a little give and take but the benifit is worth it.
These 5 things will make your marriage prosper while chasing a dream.
God first. It is common place to put other things including your spouse in front of God. I struggle honestly to this day, but the more my wife has went to number two and God moved to first place, the more love I have to show her. Putting God first will make your cup overflow into all areas of life causing the dream chasing journey to flourish. God is the giver of dreams. It is essential to remember to worship the Creator not the creation.
Cast a vision. I am task oriented and unfortunately I tend to communicate a task instead of casting a vision. It is important to communicate a vision to your spouse as that is where the life of the dream is found. Vision allows you to endure and do responsibilities you don’t like in order to get that result you want. Cast the vision of the dream to create buy in from your spouse.
Push and pull. When a dream is in your heart and mind, it is easy to be stubborn headed and want things one specific way. This will not do if you want a united marriage towards a dream. You must allow for give and take. Both people have to have ownership of the dream and the only way that will happen is if some of your things are killed to make room for some of your spouse’s ideas and plans. Pushback and correction is not a sign of hating on your dream, but a sign of intimacy within marriage. Allow for open pushback to unite in the same direction.
Time. Where you spend your time shows you where your heart is. You need to find time to work on your dream when it is not taking away from your spouse and children. For me this is usually early in the morning when no one is awake. Allocate time daily to work on your dream so you get motion, but more importantly be intentional about the time that you are still a partner and a parent. Set clear boundaries so that your family does not feel like second place.
Shut up. If you are like me this is hard to do. I get so thrilled about an idea that I talk about it constantly. Talk about other things and shut your yapper about your dream sometimes. There is nothing that will drive your partner more nuts than you having an inability to talk about anything other than the dream. Zip your lip and just do life together.
The process of two becoming one is life long and is not always easy. Slow down, communicate openly and honestly, and enjoy the ride. Be blessed on your journey.
Are you involving your family in the dream?
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  • This is a great take. It’s so easy for dreams and goals to be defined as individual pursuits but inviting others into the journey can make the process of accomplishing your them so much more gratifying, not to mention easier. Great perspectives here.

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