4 Ways to Break a Creative Block

Zechariah Newman —  June 29, 2015 — Leave a comment

Sitting at the computer trying to grab a hold of something to write about, I sat there completely blank. Deleting and restarting the opening paragraph, I became frustrated. A few minutes faded into an hour and a half and I wrote absolutely nothing. Annoyed, I slammed my laptop shut. Not one post. I woke up early for nothing, I thought.


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This happens to me all too often and mostly after I have a piece do very well. I draw a blank and the more I TRY to fix it, the more the block persists. It is as if I am trying to capture lightning in a bottle again. Whether you write or not there are some principles that I have learned that should help you on your journey toward your dream. In fact, every profession requires some level of creativity and often small tweaks can unleash the flow of creative thinking.

If you are stuck make sure you are not making these 4 mistakes.

1. It’s about you. I am pretty selfish. I wish it weren’t true. I wish I was a selfless person that put my needs and wants behind others. I all too often make everything about me. How many shares did I get? Has my audience grown? Did I make money this week? All me, me, me. When I am really happy and content it is about YOU. I am focusing on service of others and how my pain or success can help you.

Learn from me and make your dream about others. Peace awaits in that. Thinking changes and a more authentic and caring life will transform others. Make it about them, not you, and creativity will flow out of trying to serve them.

2. Lack of rest. Rest is not a luxury but a necessity. Creativity is killed as Mike Kim talks about here when we don’t rest. A few months back his post really spoke to me and caused me to take a couple of weeks away from writing. If you are in a funk could it be a lack of rest and stillness? We should work from rest not rest from work. This is a major shift in thinking and goes counterintuitive to our society. What you will find is that you will get more accomplished with a little rest. Rest will lead to creative and efficient thought process which will have you focused and on track.

Rest to bring new creative energy to your life.

3. Sedentary. I have so much less energy and passion when I sit all day. Make sure that you are taking the time to move. If you have a job that requires sitting, maybe invest in the stand-up desk. Walk or run in the morning. Just do something. I ran this morning and thought of three posts that I will write today. Physical activity should be built into your life daily.

If you are stuck, get up and move. Moving physically will get your brain moving.

4. Perfection. If I am stuck I notice that I am trying to do something perfectly. I am trying to recreate the past. Focused on what went right and trying to write the same thing. My best writing occurs when mechanics and my heart collide. This is never done by perfection and living in the past. It happens when I just write! I throw up on the page and then correct and change what I have done. If you are chasing perfection you are causing a mental block.

Perfection is a myth. Just do something and adjust as you go.

I hope this helps you like it has me. Trust God, trust His timing and focus on your part. Plateaus and mental blocks are part of the journey. Just keep experimenting and you will find breakthrough. Don’t give up, rather think about stepping away for a moment. Be blessed on your journey.

How do you spark your creativity?

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