Enjoyment Through the Struggle

Zechariah Newman —  May 11, 2015 — 4 Comments

To have an enjoyable life it is imperative to have fulfillment now. Not at a distant future date, rather this very hour. No matter what pain and struggle is going on, you can enjoy the journey. Often we associate comfort and happiness and they really are not synonyms. Not only can we enjoy the struggle, but really we need the struggles of life. We need that tension of where we are and where we want to be.

3 things to bring joy back to the journey

One thing that is hardwired in us all is the need to grow. The need to expand to new places and hit new milestones. In these places of growth, the struggle is real and we can spiral into depression even though tension is needed. On this life long growth journey you will need to be proactive to enjoy the journey. These 3 things help bring delight back to our journey.

1. Works for good. The thing that will help us enjoy the journey more than anything else is to believe that God has our back. That if you follow Him and His will, everything both good and bad are working together for you. In Romans 8:28 it states, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

2. Celebrate. When is the last time you celebrated a milestone or an achievement? I tend to move on to the next thing too quickly. We need to take time to celebrate both little and big milestones. This is a way to remember when things are hard and a way to build confidence when it looks like there is no way possible. Celebrate and commemorate those times that you pushed through the struggle to give you strength and enjoyment in your current trial.

3. Measurement. Measurement improves performance, but even more than that it shows proof of traction. When working really hard it helps me to have goals as well as movement toward the goals. Write down progress. Make this visible and in a place you will see often to give you extra oomph. Getting one step closer always helps me to enjoy my journey.

These three things will help you to enjoy the process. I find that most often when I am in worry, I have lost my trust in God and His plan. If I am not having fun on the way, I am lacking celebration and measurement. Restore fun to the process and realize you are blessed on your journey.

How can you enjoy your life more today?

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  • Hey Zech – Great post! I think #2 Celebrate is so BIG for us all. We have honestly got to learn to daily celebrate in the good, the bad and even the ugly. The fact the we a celebrating shows that we can see the good in all things and also that at the lowest points we can se beyond them. I tweeted this AM something that came to me on my way to meet up with my running club. “Faith does not mean I won’t get bumps and bruises BUT it does mean that I recover quickly and better than before”. Keep doing what you are doing because you are making a difference my brother. Blessings – Keith

    • Thanks my brother:) I love that and so true, I appreciate the encouragement and back at at you:)

  • Whenever I see a win or success I force myself to take time to celebrate or recognize it. We can so easily move quickly past a win that we don’t really enjoy the journey. Slowing down to celebrate really helps me.