4 Ways to Overcome Defeat

Zechariah Newman —  May 4, 2015 — 5 Comments


To learn to not quit, separates history makers from the forgotten.

On our way to achieving our dreams we will experience the heartache of failure. It is what we do in those times when we come up short that will determine if we will see the full fruition of our dreams.


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“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” ~ Winston Churchill

This dream chasing is not easy and will take everything you have plus some, but if you keep pushing and grinding it is more beautiful than you can imagine. When you fail, these four principles will put you back on track!

  1. Take ownership. We must take ownership for our actions and inactions. It is easier to blame others, however, the truth is the responsibility is ours. Shirking responsibility gives power to others and is the beginning of justification for our actions. Take ownership of what you can control. Things that are outside of your control don’t deserve your time and attention. Empowerment happens through changing what we can change and accepting what we can’t.
  2. Speak life. A lot of times when we have a problem we talk about it and think about it until no one will listen and then we will start calling people to talk about it some more. This will not help us to overcome defeat and frankly it will keep us in the state of failure longer. If you want to overcome failure you must speak life into your life. Talk about how you are going to overcome. Talk about how you are able. Speak life, not death to overcome failure.
  3. Get counsel. We have blind spots as people and that is one of the reasons why we need each other. Get counsel before you shoot again. Your dream is your baby and frankly no matter how impartial you think you are, you aren’t. A group of people can help you look at it more honestly and lead you in a proper direction. Get counsel from wise people. Build into your life coaching, accountability, and a mastermind group. These people are invaluable as you chase your dream!
  4. Reconnect with why. Your why is your anchor, not your what. Stop getting hung up on how and what. We always like to go there. The why to our dreams helps us to overcome the three D’s: discouragement, disinterest, and distractions. Dig and find it. Take the time and make it real. Don’t give a fake answer that you think others want to hear, rather make it one hundred percent you. Rekindle your passion for the dream by cementing with your unique why.

Remember your feelings in failure are just that; feelings. On those deep, dark days where everything is going wrong get back up and fight. Fight for things worth fighting for. Every person that has accomplished anything has had obstacles to overcome. The bigger the obstacle, the sweeter the victory. Just keep moving. Be blessed on your journey

What makes you get back up?

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  • The one of biggest things we can do is to take ownership of what has happened while not trying to blame or ignore the situation. This is a great post and topic.

    • So true Dan. Without taking responsibility how can we change? First step is the most important

  • Love “take ownership.” E+R=O baby!