On The Edge Of A Promise

Zechariah Newman —  April 13, 2015 — 6 Comments

Jolted awake, my mind was running a million miles an hour. The only light in the room was the slight glow of my alarm clock. I looked over at it and saw that it was 3:30 in the morning. I lay there not trying to think so I could go back to sleep, which was ending up in a futile matter.


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Are you sure you are making the right decision? What if you’re wrong? These thoughts were soon replaced by, you are going to ruin your life!

On the edge of the “promise land,” the fear gets the loudest.

It is in these moments of time that I realize I am no better than the Israelites in the Bible. I often look at the passages of scripture where they wander in the desert wanting to go back to slavery and think, you guys are idiots! Then further ahead on their journey on the edge of the promise land they have been waiting and again they say no to God and yes to their fear. Then I think, what a bunch of faithless people!

I am no different from the Israelites. I say yes to my negative thoughts and circle them in my mind. I focus on the giants ahead instead of the land flowing with milk and honey. I think slavery and bondage sounds better than freedom. On the edge of the great unknown the familiarity of the chains sound peaceful.

That is what it comes down to, isn’t it? We don’t know! We worked toward something for so long that we forgot there would be giants there. We don’t know what war will be like so we would rather go back to the familiar chains of slavery.

Have you thought of that before? That even in the “promise land” there will be war. I think two things amplify fear on the edge of greatness. We realize that it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows in the promise land. Second, we don’t know for sure it’s what we are supposed to do. The promise land ends up being one option and we end up frozen in fear.

Frozen in fear is right where the devil wants to keep you. Sitting, weighing the options of Egypt or the promise land.  Weighing if it’s worth it to step into the unknown with an unknown enemy. Playing out all the terrible options, fear magnifies our giants to be even bigger!


There is comfort to us. God promises to be with us. He doesn’t say, “I will be with you IF you pick the right option. If you pick the wrong one you are on your own buddy!” God is more than enough for whatever giants are in front of us. With God all things are possible. The creator of the universe has your back. Don’t fall victim to the fear in the shadows of your mind.


Faith in action is what we are after. To move in spite of fear. To at any moment pick up faith and say no to fear. So, pray over what you should do and move in the direction you feel God is calling you to. Seek the Lord and move with confidence and He will take you places you never thought possible. He will be with you and you will be blessed on your journey.

How do you say yes to action and no to fear?
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  • The Israelites had 400 years of slavery engrained in their brain. Standing before the Red Sea their bodies were free but their minds were still slave. – At that point the “known” life of a slave felt safer than than the “unknown” life on the other side. I think we are the same way. I know I can talk big about pushing out into the unknown, but living it out is another story. To really live by faith we have to be OK with the unknown and and OK with the potential for failure.

  • Great post. A friend of mine uses the acronym F.E.A.R: False Evidence Appearing Real. As you say we think about all the giants out there, all the things that might happen. Most never do and if they do they are never as bad as we thought they would be. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self the all to popular phrase “Go for It”. Ask the girl out, talk to more people, etc. A favorite book of mine is “Go for No”. What is the worst they can say, No. Ok I am one step closer to a yes. Stop thinking people are rejecting you. They just don’t see the value of what you have for them.

  • We need to be closely connected with God and hearing his voice if we want to avoid fear and move toward our destiny. I’ve found spiritual discipline foundational when it comes to moving toward the “promised land” and being in it. Good post bro!

    • Very true Dan! Thanks for adding that buddy. Have a blessed week.