4 Truths To True Change

Zechariah Newman —  March 30, 2015 — 6 Comments

Life changes in the little moments more than the big tragedies and mountain top experiences. The massive scars and glorious mountain tops are what I and I am sure you remember. However, what has really shaped my life is the little decisions, habits, and choices that I have made and continue to make every day.


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As an outsider to someone else’s life it often appears that big shiny moments just happen. That it is smooth and easy for them and hard for you. That somehow they’re born with something you’re not. Humility for me turns into self-loathing. I have wished to be more intelligent, harder working, confident, fearless, loving, patient, and more articulate. If I could just be a little more _____, then I would get my dreams. Then I would increase my business and be a better husband, father, and son. Wishing and waiting for God to magically change me into something better.

These 4 truths have given me peace and helped me to change slowly over time.

 1. You will never be enough. Recently on a cold, crisp morning I was running with my mentor and pouring my heart out to him. As I did, he stopped me and said, “Zech it sounds like you are a man who has not arrived. This is not the problem. You also sound like one that thinks that he will.” His words hit me right between the eyes. It is quite simple to get into faulty thinking that someday we will be enough. That perfection is attainable. Well, at least we think and act like it although we would never say it. So let me ease your mind like he did mine. You are never going to be enough on your own. No matter how many positive changes you make, you will still need a Savior.

2. God will always be enough. I am so thankful for the simplistic truths. No matter how unworthy and sinful we feel, God will always be enough. It is always God that makes us worthy and upright. It is Him, His death and resurrection. He atoned the deepest darkest things we are scared for others to find out. Every weakness He makes strong. He will always be enough and is way bigger than any shortcoming you think makes you unworthy.

3. Think big. My thinking and I suspect yours needs to increase. Whatever you think is capable for your life, you will unconsciously aim at. With God all things are possible so why not aim higher? I thought I was unworthy to write for large sites so I didn’t even try. Now I am a contributor for Addicted2Success, Entrepreneur, and just found out Fast Company later this month. All that changed was a strategy tweak and belief. For every post that has gotten accepted, many have been rejected. But it’s possible! What have you not even tried? What goal do you dare not aim at because it scares you to death?

4. Act small. Big hairy goals happen by small minuscule changes in our daily routines. For a week record everything you do. Don’t try to change everything at once. Just record your day and pick one thing you are going to stop doing and one thing you are going to replace that with. That’s it! For example, I am going to cut out thirty minutes of television and write for thirty minutes each day. Just carve out a little time to chase that audacious goal and you will get there. It will take a long time, but it will be worth it.

So that is the simple formula. God makes you enough, so think big and make small steps toward your dream and He will take you places that you thought were not possible. When we come from a place of abundance in Christ our small journey will be radically blessed. Be blessed on your journey.

 Do you need to aim higher?
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  • I really like think big but act small. – The big comes about one day at a time. If I fail to act small I might miss out on the fullness of today

  • Mr. Zech, You are a man of courage and hope. Thanks.

    I especially like this: “Whatever you think is capable for your life, you will unconsciously aim at. With God all things are possible so why not aim higher?”

    Thanks for being the real deal. Thanks for allowing me to experience your sincerity and encouragement. Your precious time on the phone means so much to me.

  • Zech, this was perfect. I often think big, but fail to act small consistently.

    • My biggest weakness most of the time is that Bernard. We will fight the battle together my friend.