What If Your Dream Was Handed to You?

Zechariah Newman —  March 9, 2015 — 9 Comments

What if you woke up today and the dreams you cry out for were handed to you? What if everything you petitioned to God for came about instantly? Sometimes we wish this was the case. In all reality, we wish this was the case all of the time. Let’s face it, most of the time we want to be playing God. We wouldn’t use those words, but that’s the truth.

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I have been thinking about this and really repenting in my posture toward God. A great example of people being handed their desires are lottery winners. Buying a ticket and winning sometimes multiple millions of dollars instantly. Researching this, several studies show that 70% or more of lottery winners are broke. It doesn’t matter how many millions of dollars they win, the result of losing it all is the same. This blessing ends up being a cursing.

I have judged these people with a lack of intelligence. However, I don’t believe intellect is the reason for these lottery winners to lose their fortune. Contrary to this, many self-made millionaires who have earned their way financially have lost everything and regained their wealth and beyond at a rapid pace. Here is the huge difference. The lottery winners didn’t change. They were handed money and didn’t have to become anything new.

Your dreams and mine are the same way. Your knowledge, skill set, relationship with Christ, and so much more needs to expand, grow, and change. You have not achieved your dream because you need to grow! If we were handed it today it would be a curse, not a blessing. God needs to chisel and change us into something new.

The process is painful and I don’t know about you, but I have shed many tears. I have struggled to trust God through the process at times. I have almost given up because it didn’t come in my way and my timing. For me chasing my dreams is a transforming process. It is a chance for me to practice faith and hope while growing the muscles of persistence. Will you submit to God and allow Him to change you?

Growth is the key to your dream. What skill do you need to grow? Do you need to hire a coach in an area? How about a course or a book? In what ways do you need to submit your will to God’s? Each time you ask growth questions instead of complaining about where you are you will make progress. If you complain, you will remain. Each time you lay down pride and choose humility you will advance. Submit to God’s will while doing all that you can today. His plan and timing is perfect. Trust your whole life to Him and not just the bits and pieces. Be blessed on your journey.

How do you need to grow?


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  • When your dream is handed to you, often it turns into a nightmare. The reason? No price was paid to obtain your dream. Paying the price is what makes it so valuable.

  • I know if I was handed my dream today i would be tempted to put life on cruise control. I would feel I could do it all on my own. Not having it all keeps me hungry and dependent. And most often, despite how clear we think our dreams are, God has a different outcome in mind.

  • Grow is required to obtain our potential. We have to go through the seasons of growth if we want to reap the rewards of success. Great thoughts!

  • Jay

    If I woke to all the things I’ve been asking God for I would probably think I was still dreaming!!! LOL!

    I agree that we must grow and majority before we can walk out the dreams that we desire.

    God has a process that we must go through.

    Yes, it will be difficult and challenging.

    BUT it will be worth it!

    I can attest, like you Zechariah, that the process is no fun. I can be very painful too.

    However, we must be willing to submit to God and the process. Only then will we be able to fulfill His purposes for our lives.

    Great piece Zechariah. Thank you for sharing and being so honest about your personal journey too.

    • Amen Jay. Only in surrender can there be joy and peace on the journey. In the surrender purpose is waiting. Keep sharing your message bro God uses you;)