Calling and Attack

Zechariah Newman —  March 2, 2015 — 4 Comments

There is an enemy waging war on our souls. As we follow what God has for us, our souls always come under attack. Following God’s plan puts us on the edge of light and darkness. It is where we need God the most and He is the most present. If we sit passively the devil leaves us well enough alone, however, when we move and act our lives will come under opposition. This ground that we are taking back is not taken back easily and it can feel like we are wasting our time.


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You are a dangerous warrior as you pursue and live out your calling!

As I sat in my quiet time this morning, I felt God speaking to me, “Did you really think it would come easy? Did you think that when you are following what I have for you it would be smooth? Did you forget what the great men and women of faith went through?”

God never asked us to figure out when and how, but when I get discouraged this is what I go to. I believe the devil does three things to get us off of the path God has us on. I think he tries to distract, discourage, and dissuade us from moving. Where we have potential impact, the devil wants to keep it in just that form because potential doesn’t change anything, only action will.

Here is where I get confused sometimes. I get DISTRACTED by the wrong actions. The first actions that need to be taken by all of us is to focus on God. In Mathew 6:33 it says, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” We need to begin with our seeking and focus on the Kingdom of God. It is only when we seek His Kingdom that our actions come out of this place of eternal, not temporal focus.

When we come from an eternal focus the world looks and feels different. It becomes about others, not self-focused and empty. We need to be reminded constantly that the works of our hands are about others and not about ourselves. Our vocation is not our identity, our lives are not our own, and our business is not ours but God’s. To push through distraction, discouragement, and dissuasion focus on God. Focus on why you were on this journey in the first place. Live today with passion, dedicating even the smallest actions to the glory of God. Overtime this life of purposeful, dedicated action will lead to a life you could only imagine. Be blessed on your journey.

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  • Deb McFarlin

    Thank you for this. I needed to hear the confirmations that you spoke of. It IS God’s business and I feel truly humbled that He asks us to be a part of it.

  • “Where we have potential impact, the devil wants to keep it in just that form because potential doesn’t change anything, only action will.” I see a lot off people hung up on their potential. I feel like I’m hanging off it at times too. Read in Nehemiah 4 the other day about his pattern of faith plus action. Seems like this is how we move out of potential and into effectiveness.