What Are You Expecting?

Zechariah Newman —  January 5, 2015 — 3 Comments

I really struggled with depression yesterday. Nothing bad happened, however, I felt a heaviness overtaking me.

My wife and I were talking about our next goal and frankly I went into a tailspin funk because of how long the road was ahead. The miles before us in the desert road can feel like an eternity.


I have written on restoring joy and the desert road, but today I want to discuss the lens at which we are viewing those two things. As you and I head into 2015, it is essential to have joy on our journey to changing the world. God wants us to grow and mature while at the same time be joyful and happy today. Not at some distant time, but in the here and now. In the waiting we can be filled with joy.

Expectancy is the key to which we need to view our lives.

As we purposefully live in 2015 we must come from this place of expectancy. Expectancy is the state of thinking or hoping that something, especially something pleasant, will happen or be the case.

We need to set goals and plans then lay them at the feet of Jesus and move forward with expectant hope. With all of the studies done about how quickly people drop New Year’s resolutions, it is easy to lay down expectancy. Plan for success, not failure! Move forward as if you will succeed and you will be way more likely to get back up when you fall down.

Today I feel rejuvenated and excited because I am expecting good things to happen to me today. I am trusting God no matter what today. I am moving forward planting seeds and preparing for a harvest that surpasses my wildest expectations. I am preparing for success, not planning for failure and less than. I am writing this post in anticipation that it will be exactly what someone needs to hear.

Join me! Join me in believing that you will see your dream come to fruition. Believe that God has your back no matter what it may appear. Trust that today God is going to show up and be just what you need when you need it. Trust that even if life doesn’t appear the way you want or think it should be, that God has your best interest at heart. Trust that He has a plan that stretches to eternity and you are a part of that plan. You are a world changer and dream shaper. Today something good will happen through you. You will be blessed on your journey.

How do you maintain your expectant hope?

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  • I always find movement leads to motivation. So I’m always looking to “live it forward.” Live forward by leading my life from quiet. Live forward by determining what’s the most important thing I can do today. Live forward by investing well in my family.

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