Effects of a Mask

Zechariah Newman —  December 22, 2014 — 1 Comment

My life is moving lately in ways I use to only imagine. There will be some big announcements coming. For years I hid from everyone afraid to admit my sin and failure. I was so concerned about what everyone thought that I refused to try anything. Life got stale slowly as I hid the bad and could not accept or feel the good.


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Masking and hiding our lives at the root is a lack of trusting God or man. In all actuality it is usually a lack of trust in both. Our relationship with man affects our relationship with God and vice versa. This leads to an inauthentic life and one that is a shell of what we are meant to live. If you are hiding and masking your life, it has these 4 ramifications. 

1. Physical. When I hid, my physical body was in the worst shape of my life. I gained weight, had high blood pressure and was told by a doctor that I needed to reduce my stress or I would be headed to an early grave. When you hide behind a mask, your stress is high because of your lack of trust. The need to control things out of your control overtakes and consumes your life. Physical apathy is a sign of a mask.

2. Scared. Hiding is exactly that; scared of everything. When trust is missing, fear can freeze you into inaction. It can cause you to settle in all areas. It is not a restful waiting, but rather a nervous uptightness settles in your life. Fear is invasive and all-consuming. It ends up being the focal point of life instead of something to push past. An overabundance of fear is a clear signal of a mask.

3. Relationships. Masking up a life causes an inability to have meaningful relationships. You can only feel love and show love to the level that you allow someone in. The thicker the mask, the less love and support you will be able to receive. The less you can receive, the less you have the ability to show. Relationships end up being more manipulation than authentic love and understanding. Masking up your life makes it impossible to reach a full-fledged overflowing relationship.

4. Spiritual. It is funny how foolish we can be, thinking we can hide things from God. Our spiritual life looks more like graveling for our sins we committed and promising to never do them again, rather than having a true relationship with God. When we come to God all masked up, we get so consumed that we don’t approach God with praise, but with a heart of a Pharisee. After all, we need to knock each other down to make ourselves look better. A masked life does not allow for a fruitful spiritual walk.

These are just four ways that wearing a mask affects us and makes it impossible to have our true needs met. Removal of masks is a life long activity. It takes risk, but it is worth it. Trust is the antidote and it is not easy, however, it is worth it to allow God and others into places of shame and unworthiness. You can do it one day and one step at a time. Be blessed on your journey.

Have you ever worn a mask? How did it affect you?


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  • I think we all wear masks at times, especially when we are starting a relationship with someone. It has the potential to protect us from the harmful or toxic people however, once we find trust worthy people we need to begin to remove our masks to show our true self’s.