Fear Of The Unknown

Zechariah Newman —  October 21, 2014 — 5 Comments

The part of being faithful with the small things we often don’t want to talk about is that when we are being faithful with the little, we are not fearing, worrying, having anxiety and agonizing over our next step. It is a simple concept, but hard sometimes. Taking steps of faith were not meant to be easy. I often get stuck in thinking, “Is that you God?” I find myself analyzing and in the end talking myself out of the next step. The time, energy and effort spent worrying about things outside of my control is pretty sad.


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I have operated, at times, like faith is the absence of doubt. This is the furthest thing from the truth. I believe that great faith is movement in spite of doubt. It reminds me of the gazelle.

The African gazelle can jump thirty feet in distance and fairly high. However, they are easily held captured. This animal can be held captive by a three-foot high fence for one simple reason. If they cannot see where they are landing, they refuse to make the leap. Though they can easily jump the fence, the gazelle won’t.

We are often like the African gazelle; great bound up potential refusing to move. Just sitting dreaming of more; dreaming of a full life. A tiny wall that mentally looks like a big obstacle holding us in.

True faith requires risk. It demands a step into the unknown. Faith requires doubt. Stop waiting for all the answers, for that day will never come. Leap with the risk of the unknown. Today work with excellence and diligence, walking in peace, continuously moving toward your goal and dream. Take steps of faith and allow God’s will to be done. Move and the path will be revealed to you. Be blessed on your journey.

How do you overcome the fear of the unknown?

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  • I have often struggled with the idea that faith requires at least the possibility of having doubts.

    Like you said, faith isn’t the absence of doubt, that would do away with the need for faith.

    But, it’s a struggle.

    • It sure is Derek. I use to feel incredible guilt because of my fear. Hiding it instead of exposing it to the light.
      The struggle is real for sure. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • I am not sure I have overcome my fear of the unknown, but I am learning to move forward regardless of that fear. My motivation is obedience, and it is strong enough to keep me moving in spite of my fear of the own as long as I focus on pleasing God over myself and others. Simple but not easy.

    • Right with you Kari! So simple but not easy at all;)

    • I’m with you, Kari. I haven’t overcome it, but I try to move forward in obedience.