Blinded By The Beauty Of A Dream

Zechariah Newman —  September 30, 2014 — 6 Comments

I get caught up into “the grass is greener” thinking all of the time, sometimes resenting my very life and the gifts that are in it. I can be blinded by the beauty and stuck in my mind of “what ifs.” I’m guessing you struggle with this to. Do we really think that our dream will make us happy? Pause and think that over. I believe most dreamers believe that it will, I know I do at times.

I want you to chase your dream, but you and I need to be happy and content in the life that God has given us today. If we do not appreciate the moment, we will be unhappy on the journey. Guess what? We will be unhappy when we reach our dream as well. Yuck!


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We believe sometimes, well at least act like a dream or a thing will complete us. Like Jerry Maguire, “You complete me dream.” I believe that this is a false trap of the enemy to distract us.

If you are in your job right now that you don’t like, I believe it is your job and mine to be a faithful steward. If you don’t know what step to take, it is your job and mine to love God and others today. One of the most honoring things to God is a cheerful heart and appreciation for all that He has entrusted you with.

Why would God give us more when we aren’t faithful with what He has given us today?

Chasing your dreams the right way with surrender to God’s will, while doing all that we can is so fulfilling. However, chasing your dreams with a victim mentality is deflating and depressing. Trust me, I have tried it both ways and still fall back into victim mode on certain days.

Proverbs 17:22 “A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.”

The point of today’s post is simple. What we all have is a heart problem. Not a job problem. Not a money problem. A heart problem. God is more concerned with what is happening in you than in what you do for a living. This does not mean you shouldn’t chase your dreams, but that you should chase God first, then family, then your dreams. Surrender to God by doing all that you are physically able with a cheerful heart. Be blessed on your journey.

How do you keep a cheerful heart?

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  • Zech, really excellent post, thank you. A great reminder to be joyful today, and not wait for “joy” tomorrow, and to be a steward of what we have today.

    • Thanks Kent. I needed to be reminded of it often:) I struggle with this yet I will take a step.

  • Zech – Great word. When I think about God being a “jealous” God, I realize that our dream and plans can easily become an idol for us, taking our focus off of Him. I also need your encouragement to keep nurturing what is up close, not just what is far off. Thanks for your work.

    • Thanks Seth. So true about idolatries. Will do on the accountability, the tension with entrepreneurs will always be there. Next hill type of guys and gals.

  • Reflecting on God and what He has done for us allows us to remain thankful. We have to appreciate the journey of life, the small and large events. Great post!

    • Thanks Dan. So key to enjoy the journey with a thankful heart.