4 Ways To Get Your Message Out!

Zechariah Newman —  August 11, 2014 — 21 Comments

When you are first chasing your dream nothing is more frustrating than having something to say and feeling like no one is listening. I remember writing for six months, twice a week and seeing no results. I had seven email followers after that time. Five were family members and one worked for me. I had one person that didn’t know me after writing 24,000 words.


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I felt wonderful! Okay, maybe not. I felt like a failure. I felt as if I sucked and I should give up. People talked about converting traffic and I just wanted traffic. Just read my article, I kept thinking. How hard is it to press the blue thumb up on Facebook? I was losing the battlefield of the mind.

I just kept posting on my site thinking that I would get organic traffic if I kept writing posts. This never really happened. If you are waiting for people to find your thing, it won’t happen either. These 4 things will help you to go out and get traffic.

1. Radioguestlist.com. This site is pretty cool. It is a list of some podcasts that are looking for people to be on their shows. You just search for podcasts that are looking for someone like you. If you have a book, it makes it easier to get on a lot of them. These are smaller or new podcasts, but you get backlinks, practice and exposure.

2. Guest posts.  If you don’t have people reading your material, go to where they are. This is not a magic bullet. The more accurate you are with your niche, the more traffic you will generate. I have gotten many of my email followers from doing guest posts.

3. Social media. This is not a plug to share this. The more you are generous with others’ work and sharing what is important to them, the more they will likely share yours. Don’t be so self-focused that you can’t help others with their causes. This should not be favors, rather read and share who you like. Reach out and help someone.

4. The platform builder. This isn’t really on growing your platform, but in remembering the purpose. If God is part of your life, it is Him who we should chase. My walk with God is more important than people listening or not. I trust if I try with all my might and if He wants me to have a platform that is as big as I envision, it will happen. The same is true for your business. Trust God to make your dream known and have patience.

I hope these four things help you build your platform. Remember, dreams that matter take longer than we want and are harder than we want. Stick to it and keep your priorities inline. Be blessed on your journey.

What message are you trying to spread?

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  • ‘ If you are waiting for people to find your thing, it won’t happen either’.
    You said it all brother.

    Jesus never said to his disciples:’wait in Jerusalem and people will come to you.’ But He said: ‘Go to the Nations…’

  • Zech, thanks for these great suggestions. I haven’t heard of radioguestlist.com but will check it out!

    • Sweet! Yeah Kent check it out. I typed up one email then changed the name at tge top of each one and sent it to a bunch. It works;)

      • Thanks man! When my Evernote book is done I will definitely take advantage of that.

  • Good advice. I will check out Radioguestlist.com.

  • These are all great Zech and a key to building your online presence.

    • Thanks Kimanzi. It means a lot that the man the myth the legend swings by;)

  • Zechariah, I love your last bullet point, especially the part where you say “Trust God to make your dream known and have patience.” I think this is hard for most people because we want to feel in control. If we are not actively doing something to move the pebble forward, well, then…we don’t feel like we’re doing anything to move the pebble forward. It is hard to trust that God is working in the background when we don’t see any results in the short term.

    • Thanks Jason. To me it is the most important thing. When I take charge it can get ugly. When I do my part and trust I have joy and fulfillment today. Thanks for commenting bro;)

  • That can be discouraging when you put so much into it and see little results. I think one of the best things you can do is to simply get out there and makes some great offline relationships. That’s why when we are in the US we spend so much time speaking in churches and visiting with people face to face. Real life is still the best way to get a message out!

    • Real life definitely is! Even relationships built online need to advance beyond the internet to be authentic. Makes alot of since Caleb. Thanks for stopping by;)

  • If you show up and shine each day in your character, confidence, and commitment…you are guaranteed to live into your bigger story. That’s “live it forward” in a nutshell.

  • These are 4 great ways to get your message out! Love suggestion #1, I’m going to use that one.

  • Wow I am just impressed with the message you throw over here. Really love it.