An Abundant Harvest

Zechariah Newman —  July 15, 2014 — 13 Comments

I have been slowing down more, but I have a long way to go. If you haven’t checked out Jeff Goins Slow Down Challenge you should. It is crucial that you chase your dream the right way. I am becoming more effective and getting much better results out of my activity the more I slow down. Now slowing down to watch more T.V. is not the goal. To slow down and admire life while living in the moment is our aim. This beauty of slowing down will propel your dream if you marry the two ideas.

An abundent harvest

photo by: KC Newman Photography

I pray that after last week’s post you have written out your vision so that you don’t waste your opportunities.

Too often we scurry around for what? We know we have to say no to the good things to say yes to the great, however, we still say yes to everything! Get off the hamster wheel!

After praying and seeking God and writing down what He has put in your heart, it is time to breathe life into it. We do this through partnering with God and planting seeds. Slow down and examine your activity. What seeds are you planting? What harvest will you reap?

Be specific when sowing seed. Could you imagine a farmer grabbing random seeds and tossing them out all over the ground? He would reap a harvest, but it would be weeds, flowers and a crop. However, if instead he maps out his property deciding what to plant and where to plant it, he will receive a harvest that can support his family. The farmer is just as active in both scenarios, but with drastic differences. Make sure that your activity is aimed at your vision.

Focus on the planting. When a farmer is planting his field he sows many seeds. Your dream will be the same way. You will sow many seeds to turn it into reality. The temptation is to plant a seed and see if anything happens. It is a big temptation for me to post a blog and then stare at the analytics for a few days. My activity and planning slow way down to watch to see if a seed sprouts. Rather, I should post the blog and move onto something new right away. Planting with a purpose, then another and another. Focus on focused activity.

The only way to change your life or to have new breakthrough is to do things differently than you have done them. Slow down, take your vision and create action steps to turn it into reality. Remove the bad or good seeds and plant many great seeds with purpose and vision. Be blessed on your journey.

 What are you sowing this week?

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  • Great post Zech. I appreciate your metaphor of sowing and harvesting. I’m sowing the seeds of generosity lately. As a leader, I’m trying to model selfless love and investing my time and energy in helping others grow by giving all I have.

  • Lately, I’ve been sowing by doing a lot of reading and then diving into some harder topics for writing. The two work well together, for sure, and I’m hoping my more focused approach instead of being spread too thin shows through in my blog writing as well as in other projects I’m getting into. Two books came to mind as I read your post. One I am on my second read-through… Ordering Your Inner World by Gordon MacDonald. The other, I am on my first time through… What’s Best Next? by Matt Permann. You hit on themes covered in both of those books. I highly recommend them if you have not yet read them.

  • Hey buddy, did you get rid of disqus? This week it’s all about writing. I have to focus on my main love 🙂

  • Great Post Zechariah.. I am sowing into others by sharing every bit of knowledge that I have. I’m just pouring out my cup.

  • Slow down…so true! The best way to lead your life is to lead your life from quiet.

  • Slowing down allows us to think about and plant specific seeds! Great read!

  • Great stuff! I think focusing on planting is huge. I often say, We are to prepare the harvest (the fields) but it’s God who ultimately makes things grow.

    • Thanks Dave! Yes that’s so true. If we spent the time we worry about Gods part pouring into planting we would all be way further ahead.