Focused Energy

Zechariah Newman —  June 10, 2014 — 18 Comments

I have a 16 month old little girl named, Hope. She is our third little bundle of joy and she is busy. She has learned how to walk and now gets into everything. If she is awake, she is going from one thing to another. Toys capture her attention, but overtime she is bored and she has moved onto the next thing. If we are not careful she will get into the garbage or toilet if we don’t shut the bathroom door. Good and bad things occupy her day.


How many of us never mature beyond this? Always on the go and when someone asks how we are we say, “busy.” It’s like the American answer to give. Rarely focused; just an object in motion. Occupied by the silliest things. Your dream won’t come easy. You need to cut out a lot of the distractions in life. Your dream will require you to focus on one thing for a prolonged period of time. You well could be easily distracted by junk and by good things.

Momentum will happen with your dream over time. It is the prolonged pressure that is required to see your dream through. You must maintain focus on your dream like a magnified glass. The focused energy of the sun through the glass can cause a fire. Our lives, when focused, can have the same effect. When you move the glass around though, there is not enough energy to catch a fire. The lens must stay firmly focused.

At times your dream will feel like it is a million miles away. Keep making small steps in the same direction. The time that it will take is not always fun, however, it is required to become excellent in any skill. Put in focused time and watch your dream take on new life.

When you have success which you will, be careful on how quickly you layer things on top of your beginnings. One of the biggest times for business failure is actually bred out of success. Don’t expand too quickly, rather make calculated moves over time.

So again focus your energy over time and allow God to multiply your dream. Patience is not easy, but it is worth it. Your reaction to distractions will determine whether you will achieve what God has put in your heart. (Tweet it) Be blessed on your journey.

How do you stay focused on your dream?

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  • So true, focus, focus, focus. I’ve always believed that staying pre-occupied and active doesn’t mean you’re actually being productive. Thanks for reminding me to stay focused, instead of just being busy.

    • Yeah for sure Paul. We all get side drift and need to readjust.

  • There are so many distractions in life- some very good ones. I’m learning to commit it all to Christ. To let Him dictate my days. I’m also learning to be flexible with my schedule and what I think is important. God knows best 🙂

  • It helps to create disciplines around my dreams. For example, I write every day. This helps me move closer to my writing dreams. I am going to Guatemala for the third summer in a row. This helps me move closer to the dream of building 100 houses in Guatemala.

  • Lots of prayer. Without it, I lose focus and try to push life, usually resulting in overload and overwhelm instead of productivity and progress. Prayer partnered with getting Truth in me, Godly influences, and learning to die to self all keep me focused. As I relinquish control to Him, I’m amazed at how much I can then focus on what matters most.

    • So true Kari. It is amazing how much nicer it is keeping God number one and following His plan and priorities.

      • Funny that you put it that way. My most recent post talks about “God. Family. Work. (In that order.)” Keeping Him number one makes an amazing difference in a person’s life. It did in mine for sure!

  • Focus is so essential! I’m starting to really focus in on what I should be working on when it comes to my online platform. One key area is to increase my email list, I’m putting together another quote eBook (so people will get two quote books when they subscribe to my blog).

    • That’s great Dan! I’m thinking of creating another item as well;) the list is important!

  • Best thing I know to do to stay focused is to “lead your life from quiet.” Every morning I spend time reading my Bible, reading a book, reviewing my Envision It Forward Compass, and reviewing my goals. The last two items really help me zero in on what I intentionally have predetermined is important. Then I start the day by focusing on one of those predetermined things. This makes every day a focused day.

  • Great thoughts Zech! Patience is never easy; but it’s what shapes us. Well said.

  • I stay focused by surrounding myself with people that are going to constantly remind me of what needs to be done. My Family and friends are always pushing me because I always put things out in the atmosphere and push myself to get it done. Its really like peer pressure to get things done!

    • The people we choose to surround ourselves with impact everything. So true, thanks Lincoln.