Restoring Vision

Zechariah Newman —  May 20, 2014 — 15 Comments

Can I be honest with you? My hope has been deferred. I have settled for comfortable in my heart. Though I have written posts the last few weeks that stir me, I have settled for good content as my aim. I have been focused on the information of content rather than the Creator. vision

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Have you been here? Where you noticed you had changed your perspective though no one could tell? My arteries were clogging with a hopeless feeling though few could tell. Proverbs 13:12 states, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” I began to buy into this hopelessness slowly and steadily my vision of restoration was being laid down for safe and the status quo. My thoughts changed too; just raise your family and settle here with good enough. The problem with this thought is that risk takers are the ones that are change agents. These 5 things will return vision to your life.

Meditate on scripture. Our thoughts need to be transformed from earthly things by His love for us. I have come to this truth. My thoughts left to their own vices communicate worthlessness and fear. However, Romans 8:37 says, “Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” God’s word is truth, not our thoughts. Meditating on God’s Word will align your vision with His.

Prayer. Talk to Him! Prayer is essential to a fruitful life. I have felt Him reminding me that my dreaming nature was made by Him. That He loves me. I am growing to understand more and more His love for me. He will speak to you too. Phone home and He will restore your sight to a godly perspective.

Community. I use to be isolated on an island. Not so anymore. Being able to confess and confide with people is essential. Reach out and gather men or women that you can do life with. You need to walk with brothers and sisters in Christ in good times and bad. Walk with people going the same direction in life as you. This will be a big investment in time, but more than worth it. Community opens my eyes to what God says.

Silence and solitude. This is the hardest for me. I am always thinking. Bathing in the presence of God allows Him to love us right where we are. Just rest in God. Start small. This is a muscle that needs to be built. Sit in His presence with no agenda and just listen to Him. Silence and solitude are required to return vision to your life.

Fasting. Fasting is declaring that Jesus is our food and drink that He alone can satisfy. Fasting does not need to be food, however, it must cost something. Since it needs to cost something, do not fast something you don’t enjoy. In fasting we meet Him and hear His love and devotion for us. Fasting can return our vision to His.

Turn our gaze toward You and give us your vision. We bind the father of lies and tell You to reign in our lives. Fall on us in a new way. Reign your glory here in the hearts of your children and fill us with your love. Let those that have ears hear your words. You are who we want. In your timing and your glory. Be blessed on your journey.

How do you return your vision to God’s?

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  • Zechariah – I love the thought of not settling for the created when we have access to the Creator.

    A personal question: How often do you fast?

    • Not often with food. The whole training thing right now.
      Once every couple months I fast something. Technology a lot of times…its hard for me;)

  • Sometimes I have to disconnect from the world in order to get closer to God. I’ve found fasting from social media/entertainment to be spiritually uplifting. We get so dependent upon our phones, TV’s, computers, ereaders and so on.

    Getting back to the basics with just my pen and Bible helps me more than I can say.

    • Totally agree TC. I need to be more intentional about it. I am a slow learner sometimes:)

      • I feel like I’m slow almost all the time. 🙂

  • Jim

    this is good. last night I was feeling a lack for not spending any time in the word or talking to God but chose to watch North America about the wildness of “nature” before dropping into bed. feeling guilty “not the best motivation” I read Psalms 19 since it was the 19th. I just wanted punch my card and go to sleep. but he lovingly reminded me cool things I had just watch where made by Him and his word protects me I was worshipping the created not the Creator. “Keep your servant from willful sin.

  • Awesome post. The five points were on the mark. I needed this encouragement to help return my vision to life.

    • Thanks Bernard! Keep pressing in. Love what you are doing. The Lord will honour it.

  • Strong relationships (a community) with like minded people is so essential. It causes each person to be inspired and persevere toward their dreams. Great post here!

  • I think the community portion of this post is the one most often overlooked. It is difficult to share your struggles with others because we live in a world that tells us to not show weakness. Ironically, the more I share my weaknesses with the ones I am doing life with in my small group, the stronger I become. Great Post.

    • Thanks Jimmy! Totally agree. I have a group of men here physically and online that I meet with. This has changed my life. I meet with the men from my church tonight actually. Thanks for stopping by!

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