The Gift of Invisibility

Zechariah Newman —  May 6, 2014 — 13 Comments

Most of the time what we want is not what we need. God’s wisdom is not the same as man’s knowledge.

As a writer, I want to reach as many people as possible with the message of restoration and wholeness by allowing God into every part of our lives. I am sure that just like me, you have a message that many people need to hear. This is the rub in the beginning. We have a message to share and no one is listening. Often the gift of invisibility seems like anything but a gift. “Thanks God” is the last thing on my mind about the gift of invisibility. Instead it comes out like, “Why God?” or “What are you waiting for?”


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If you are struggling with accepting the gift of invisibility, I pray this helps you. Here are 3 reasons to be excited about the gift of invisibility while chasing your dream.

1. Free to make mistakes. Often overlooked is the amount of pressure that being known causes. Your every move is magnified. Any lack of judgment is instantly known by the whole world. God is not punishing you and you are not a failure if you are not known. He is preparing you for the pressure that comes with being visible. Enjoy the moments of being visible to a small group of people. The size of your dream does not determine the value.

2. Remain humble. Remaining humble is one of my favorite things about not going instantly from zero to hero. When things happen quickly, it is too easy to take responsibility and get cocky about success. On the other hand, having a slow climb causes me to be aware that it is not me. It is God. The one that breathes the dream into you is the same one that will cause your dream to become a reality. Action is required on your part, however, remain humble when God moves the mountain.

3. Practice. The longer you are not known, the longer you get to practice your craft. If a million people would have hit my site on day one, I would not have been able to keep many people around. Now I would be able to speak to more of them and in a few years even more. Be grateful that you have time to practice. You will be better when your time comes. Be faithful at practicing your craft today and let it build.

Continue to do what you can now and don’t despise the small days, rather embrace them as a gift. One day you will miss these times. Be blessed on your journey.

What does the gift of invisibility give you?

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  • Jim

    I see you and I hear you. I have gained much from your perspective

  • I’m so thankful it’s taken me so long to be published…it really did help make me humble and appreciate the relationships God has brought into my life. Now the I am published, I’m thankful I’m not a “hit”. There’s still work to do in me. This writing journey is in God’s hands. May He be the guide and may He receive all the glory. I only want to be obedient to Him.

  • The gift of invisibility is all about realizing that character is developed in the journey, that it’s the journey not the destination where we discover who we are in Christ. I need to keep this truth in front of me, especially when mid-life seems to be toying with my emotions and rearing its power in me physically. I read somewhere recently that our most fruitful years are our 50s-70s with the latter being the most fruitful, and it seems this is connected with what you wrote in your post.

  • IInvisibility also reveals how passionate you are about your idea. Will you stick with it during the early and dry times?

  • I think invisibility can be a gift. It allow us to take action, fail, and learn before we have a huge audience/ business/ ect. Great post here!

  • Jer Lanska

    We must also remember that anyone who is an expert at something, was once a beginner. We can look at where someone else is at and want that immediately not realizing the struggles they went through to get there.
    Humility is Key, you are right Zech. The more we know what God can do through us instead of relying on our own strength, the more we will see Him moving. I’ve learned that God really cares a TON about our character and helps tweak us until we are ready to handle bigger things. And I am glad for that!