Returning Joy to the Journey (Part 2)

Zechariah Newman —  April 29, 2014 — 12 Comments

One of the biggest mistakes I have made in my life is to be under the illusion that I must be exhausted to properly chase my dream. Almost this sense of guilt that if I am not dead tired then I have more in the tank to give. I must burn the candle at both ends or I am acting like a lazy sloth. If you want to return joy to your dream chasing journey, you need to learn to slow down. People miss out on the dreams God impressed on their hearts not because they go too slow, but because they give up and stop. Run a race that is sustainable.


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Slowing down feels as if it will take longer to achieve your dream, but like most things, God’s wisdom is opposite to man’s knowledge. The more I have slowed down, the quicker this blog has taken off. I am in shock of how much quicker. I believe that slowing down does four things.

1. First Things. Slowing down has helped me to keep first things first. Slowing down will allow you to run your race in a manner that honors God. We must not forget that we need to chase our dreams with God as the forerunner, our spouses second, children third, and then our dreams. Slow down to keep the first things first.

2. Creativity. I believe that slowing down so that we are coming from a full cup instead of an empty one allows us to be much more creative. I am able to give much more thought into each post now that I am writing less. Consequently, my writing is resonating with more people and getting shared much more. Slow down to be more creative.

3. Parkinson’s Law. This is the adage which states that, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” We will fill the time. We need to put deadlines in place and points that we will stop. This will keep us focused and ready. Carve the time, name the time, and do the time. Slow down and get the same amount done.

4. Do Less. Slowing down forces us to do less things and focus our time on what is getting results. When I decided to spend less time working on building this platform, I had to start really looking at my results. What results are you getting from your different activities? What are you putting off that you should be doing? Do less to do more.

I hope that you achieve your dream, however, don’t be under the illusion that your dream will fulfill you. The journey is the enjoyment not the destination. God will fulfill your desire or change it if you rely on Him. It is His timing and His dream over your life. Slow down, look up, and enjoy this very moment that God has made. Happiness is not a place or a destination. Be blessed on your journey.

How do you slow down?

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  • Rashad Morton

    Spot on with everything you said. I am aware that when I slow down things speed up for me as well, but I have a problem with slowing down consistently. When things are going well I have a tendency to continue to pile on new projects, ideas, etc and lose focus of what’s really important.

    Thank you for the insight.

    • Thanks Rashad. I do the same thing my brother. Let’s together slowdown a little:)

  • I think I’ve been going too fast lately. I needed to pick up my pace for launching my book, but now it’s time to slow down. I did as God directed, now I need to refocus and let Him lean and not worry about the book. Trust and Obey.

    Great post.

    • Totally have to press in sometimes for a season. Like a wave moving forward and then backing off. Great job listening TC.

  • Outstanding!

    A saying I use a lot is “fast is slow and slow is fast.” If you want to accomplish something important as quickly as possible, it makes sense to slow down at first to make sure your focus and plan are solid. After you strategize the best apporach to take, you start moving forward…but you do it slowly enough to make sure your plan is actually working. Since you planned well from the start, as you start to move you’ll actually pick up speed and get to the end result faster than if you just jump into it with little focus and no plan. Hence, “fast is slow and slow is fast.”

    • Awesome! Love it Kent. I was blindfolded throwing at a dart board. Not a good strategy;)

      • “Blindfolded throwing at a dart board” — one of the best descriptions I’ve read in a while. #classic

  • I’m learning the importance of slowing down, after I complete my next book, I plan on really taking time to slow down and think through the next project I work on. Great tips here.

    • I’m excited to read your next one;) I’m slowing down so I can really go at my next book soon;) started it but set it down temporarily because I was hitting on empty.

      • Thanks man:) I understand that. It’s taken me long to write my next book because I’ve had to focus on other priorities (family and work). I have a slow and steady mindset. Can’t wait to read your next book!

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