Returning Joy To The Journey

Zechariah Newman —  April 22, 2014 — 11 Comments

If you are anything like me you get super focused on the end result of a dream instead of the enjoyment and fulfilment that can be found while on the journey. After all, the journey never ends. When we get to a destination, we set chart for a new destination. This is how things should be because we are not meant to be stagnant.

Early in the process of chasing my dream I was often miserable. Anyone suggesting to me to be patient would get a death stare from me; well at least on the inside. If you are like this, it is a shear sign that you are doing things wrong.

Don’t waste your days being miserable while chasing your dream. Let’s restore significance back to this journey of yours. The next few weeks I am going to talk about things that will bring joy back to the dream chasing journey.

Celebrate! We need to take time and celebrate moments along the way. After putting my first book on Amazon, my wife and I went on an overnight trip to celebrate this momentous task. It was the first step to monetize my dream. When is the last time you stopped and celebrated with your spouse? Celebrating the journey does 3 things:

3 benefits

Remembrance. If you take time to celebrate, it can serve as landmarks to remind yourself how far you have come. When the going gets tough I can look back and say, “Oh remember how the book took forever, but then it was finished and we got alone for a while and soaked in the moment. Remember that feeling sitting over dinner with full bellies just talking about finishing the project?” If you celebrate, you will have mile posts to remember when the going gets tough. Celebrate to remember.

Motivation. If you set a prize at the end of a race it will help you as well on the dark days. Given the right celebration it will motivate you to keep going. I am running another marathon in June. I can guarantee you that I will be picturing what I will eat after the race. Give yourself a reward to think about during your race. When we are completely out of debt, my wife and I are going on a really nice vacation. That is the carrot for the temporary pain. Celebrate to motivate.

Restore. The correct celebrations will restore you. It will return the focus and passion to your journey. Try and make the celebration give you a taste of the dream. Like our trip, we will be getting to enjoy the fruits of financial discipline. Taking time to celebrate will restore your stamina. Celebrate to restore.

Don’t go through life so focused on the end that you don’t celebrate little moments throughout the day. Eat the dessert, buy something nice, and get away. Do something to landmark goals. If you give no room for time to celebrate, you can never have joy on the journey. Be blessed on your journey.

What are ways in which you celebrate while on your journey?

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  • Keith Spanberger

    BOOM! Another awesome post my friend.

    • Thanks Keith! Keep rocking it yourself:)

    • BOOM! I agree with Keith Spanberger.

      • Keith Spanberger

        =-) BOOM it is!!!!

        • Keith…I was told my my teenage twins that it’s BOOM. (Period, no exclamation point.) Not sure why, but they are usually right 🙂

          • Keith Spanberger

            Got it BOOM. it is then =) I understand that are kiddos are always right. LOL

  • I love to run. I’m a purist…not earphones, no music…just running and letting my mind wander. It’s a great way to get away from the intensity of life and just let go. Let your mind wander. Be thankful for health and energy. Think about the good things. Pray prays of thanksgiving. Basically, run to slow down and enjoy the journey. That’s how I do it on a regular basis.

  • Great reason to slow down to enjoy the journey. I think once a project is finished we must take time to reflect on what went well and what went wrong, allowing us to learn from the process of completing the project. So the next project can go smother. Great post!

    • Yes Dan. It is important to learn from failures and celebrate successes. Thanks for commenting and sharing;)