Are You Surrounded By Crabs?

Zechariah Newman —  April 15, 2014 — 12 Comments

I was listening to Entrepreneur On Fire and John Lee Dumas talked about crabs in a bucket. It illustrates an important message for any dream chasing journey.

Here it is: If you have one crab in a bucket you need to put a lid on the bucket because it will climb out. However, if you have a bunch of crabs in a bucket you don’t need a lid. Anytime one of the crabs tries to climb out, the other crabs will pull the one trying to escape back in the bucket. No crabs will get out because they will all pull the escaping crab back to the bottom every time.


Not all of your friends and family will be supportive of your dream. It is imperative to surround yourself with people who are not crabs. People that have the opposite instinct of those crabs. Ones that see you close to the edge of the top of the bucket and give you that little push to get you out.

People heading toward their dreams are looking for other dreamers to surround themselves with. Align and attract people who refuse to settle. People that are not satisfied with living a mediocre life. These are the people who should be in your inner circle. These are the ones that you should allow to speak into your life. These will be the ones that will encourage you to keep walking out your dream. They will remind you that your dream is possible.

Remove negative voices or they will cause you to settle. Most people don’t want to stretch and grow. Most people are satisfied with staying in the bucket. Most people don’t want to be used by God in a mighty way. Don’t drop and forget about these people, but be conscious of how much you allow them to speak into your life.

Have strong friendships with positive people and minister to those people who look at the world negatively. Be the crab that got away! Be blessed on your journey.

How do you stay connected to other dreamers?

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  • This is a great illustration. I think I’ll tell or show it to my two teenage boys (13 & 15).

    • Thanks Kari. It is a great one. Can’t believe I just heard about this for the first time.

  • One way I stay connected with dreamers who encourage me is through blogging. Social media connects people in amazing ways.

  • The minute I saw this picture, I knew where you were going with this post 🙂 Let me just say…AMEN!

    (FYI…we say this firsthand this summer in Boboa Island when we went crabbing. It was hilarious to watch those crabs grab one another, but if that’s a picture of a person’s friends…sad!)

    • It is key. The more I hang around dreamers the more my dream enlarges. Thanks for being one of those guys Kent. 😉 #notthecrab

      • Right back at you! #notthecrab either 🙂

  • Amy

    I have heard this about crabs before but needed the reminder as I have recently been dealing with the negative people around me. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • I think it is something that we all need to be reminded of. Those crabs are sneaky and work there way back into our lives from time to time. Thank you so much for adding your thoughts.

  • Great analogy bro! We have to be careful and wise about who we associate and spend time with. The fact is that some people will push us toward our dreams while others will drag us away from them.