5 Things I Want My Daughters To Know

Zechariah Newman —  April 1, 2014 — 14 Comments

When my oldest child was born I started to ask questions that led me down this path of writing and speaking to go along with my two pizza restaurants. It was the question of legacy. If you have a family, I am sure that part of the process to pursue your dream is this thought of legacy. I asked questions like, why am I on this earth? I believe it is to restore significance to others. Today’s post is going to be to my two daughters. Here are 5 things I want my daughters to know.

5 things

1. God loves you. As your daddy I want you to know first and foremost before anything else that the God of this universe made you. You  were put on this earth at this time for a reason. He made you and His love for you is something you cannot earn, but is freely given to you.

Embrace God’s love and walk with your head high.

2. Daddy loves you. I love you so much. I prayed for you before you were born and cried the day your mommy gave birth to you. You have me wrapped around your finger and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I would die for you and hope that even more than that I would live for you. When you fall down I will pick you up and when you do something great I will cheer you on. You will not like me sometimes, but the things you don’t like are there to protect you.

You don’t need to earn my love. I freely and openly love you with all my heart.

3. Don’t try and be equal. In this society people will tell you that you are equal to a man. Don’t cheat yourself; you are made a woman. You are not equal, you are not better, and you are not worse. You are a powerful woman who can change the world. Don’t squabble for scrapes of equality when you are meant to be fully a woman.

Embrace your femininity and be a world changer.

4. No man will make you happy. I would love for you to marry someday. The thing that I want you to remember whether you get married or not is that no man is meant to make you happy. Don’t put the power of your happiness in a person’s hands. It is not fair to you and it is not fair to another to put that pressure on them.

Happiness is a mindset; there will be pain in this life, but how you look at it will help you to be happy on your life journey.

5. Be unashamed. Don’t wear a mask. God made you for a reason. Embrace who you are. Dance like no one is watching and sing loudly. I love your strengths and I love your weaknesses. You are not perfect, however, you are perfect to me. Walk with your head high in the uniqueness of you.

Whatever this life throws at you, you are made strong in God.

I will do my best to point the way to God and love you more than any dad can. I will teach you so much, but more than anything I never want you to forget that daddy loves you Zoe and Hope. Keep being the strong, adventurous, pioneer little girls that I see.

What is one thing you want your daughter or son to know?


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  • Great post. It brought tears to my eyes. I thought of my own dad as I read it and could hear him saying those things to me.
    I lost him way too soon, and yet I had him years longer than most. Keep sharing these type of lessons and you will live on in them no matter how many years God blesses you in this life.

    • I’m sorry that you lost him so soon. I’m glad it served as a reminder of things I am sure he did say. Thank you for your kind words TC. Blessings to you today.

      • He’s been gone almost 6 years but sometimes it feels like yesterday. But even though he’s gone, I still learn from him. God brings to mind lessons from my childhood.

        If I sometimes wonder if I’ll be around to see my son become a man, I remember that each day I am building memories with him that will hold him whether I’m here or not.

        You’re doing the same with your girls.

    • BTW let me know if I can help with your book launch in anyway.

      • That would be great! Can you email me? I’ll send you a direct message on twitter with my email address.

  • Dude that is incredible. As a man and husband who is striving for the chance to be father, these words are powerful Zech. I love how smoothly you wrote this and the sense of true peace as you spoke here all I could picture is you sharing this with your girls. Let me know how they respond when you sit them down and share this with them. Great job man. Keep writing with this sense of authenticity and you will soar higher than you already are.

  • Chioma Meek

    May God Bless, Bless You Zechariah!. Though I have a Dad, even Mum too. But My main Teenage up-growing in life, fate and Wisdom, Has being from the Lord support, Am a Living Witness of these Words, I can boldly say that the spirit of God spoke those words In and through You,..
    Thanks Newman. God Bless You so Much Bro…Lot-Love..

    • Thank you for the kind words:) May you continue to be blessed and grow in His strength.

  • I want my children to know I love them and that I love God. Great post bro!

    • Nice Dan. Being such an intentional man, I know that they will know those things.