4 Truths In Turning A Dream Into A Business

Zechariah Newman —  March 25, 2014 — 8 Comments

Is your dream a hobby or a business? When I first began writing and speaking I approached it as a hobby. In fact, the further I proceed toward my dream the more I realize how much that was slowing me down and sabotaging me. Is your dream a hobby? It’s okay if it is. There are just very different approaches to chasing a hobby and chasing a dream. These four things are necessary to chase a dream with the same approach as starting a business.


1. Time clock. When I started walking down the path toward my dream I struggled with writing consistently. I wrote when I felt like it. I blogged a bunch then not at all for several months. The more I believe that I am running a business, the more I have time that I am on the clock. For me I clock in at 5:00 am and out at 8:00 am. You need to have the same heart towards the clock. When do you report to work on your dream? Take some time and think about what works for you. Maybe it’s one day for an extended period of time or little bite size pieces throughout the week. Just make sure you are approaching it like other commitments on your calendar. You must show up and clock in.

2. Investing. When writing was a hobby I spent money very sporadically on things I wanted. It felt selfish so I wouldn’t spend money when I should and when I did it went to the wrong things. When you and I are operating a business we should write out a list of expenses and spend money accordingly. Why are you buying it? What will be your return on investment? What is your greatest need? These are questions you need to ask.

3. Profit. Do you have a way to make money on your dream right now? If not, are you working on something to make money? If you can’t make money it can’t be a business. It can be a service to others or a hobby, but not a business. I released a book a few months ago and I am working on another that should be out this summer or earlier. My plan is to have books for sale, speaking, and coaching/guiding all be a part of my business. I am focused solely on the writing and starting in the Fall the speaking. Have a plan to make money and start walking that plan out.

4. Mind. The shift from hobby to business happens in the mind first and foremost. Treating your dream like a business is a process over time and not a sudden shift. The more I shift, the more I do what needs to get done while not being distracted by time zappers. Be honest with yourself in your mind. Is it a hobby? Do you believe it is possible to live your dream? Are you fully committed? If you take the steps in your mind, your body will follow that lead. I am not a morning person is what I use to say, however, now I pop out of bed at 5:00 am. You will be the same way when you make that mental shift.

Stop waiting for permission and go after your dreams! It will not be easy, but over time momentum will build on itself. Together with your spouse decide that this is a business. That this dream is worth the sweat and tears that will happen. Today step out of the boat and walk boldly building a business. Be blessed on your journey.

What do you need to change to turn your dream more into a business?


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  • “When do you report to work on your dream?” Awesome question!

    When I was growing #liveitforward over a 3-year period while I had another full-time job, I would sit down each Sunday evening and figure out how to give 15 hours to this dream during the next week.

    Do the numbers: 15 hours a week for 48 weeks (take 1 week off each quarter) and you have 720 hours. That’s more than 18 40-hour work-weeks in a year (and a year’s worth of 40-hour work-weeks in 3 years). You can make a lot of progress with that amount of time!

    • Awesome Kent…similar to what I am doing. A lot of work can be done over a period of time like water carving out canyons. I look forward to learning from you at Speak it Forward:)

      • “Water carving out canyons” – NICE!

  • I don’t know about turning dreams into a business. I spent too many of my years doing just that and ended up miserable. Now, I’m doing something I never dared to allow myself to dream and I’m loving it. The key for me, was letting God direct my dreams instead of me creating them from worldly aspirations.


    • TC great observation. Sometimes God will call you to start a business sometimes not. It is key to listen to where we are called. Often times we try a cookie cutter approach which isn’t how God designed it. Thanks for stopping by! Blessings and glad you feel the peace of the Lord.

  • A business and hobby mindset are completely different, and they reap different results. Right now (like yourself) I’m working on projects that would allow me to earn some money. My next book should also be out around summer time, and plan on releasing another book toward the end of the year, as well as some other products that would allow me to earn money. Great post! Love your passion.

    • Cool Dan! Like always let me know how I can help you. You are doing some cool things! Keep it up Dan.

      • I will, you do the same my friend.