Facing Big Unknowns

Zechariah Newman —  March 18, 2014 — 8 Comments

My wife and I have been talking and debating parts of our dreams. If you have a spouse you should do this; communication about dreams should be a priority. You will either dream together or dream apart. This will cause your relationship to grow together or grow apart. Be intentional!

The unknown

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We have some huge forks in the road coming up that are all related to our dreams. The decisions we have to make are not small things, rather are ones with huge ramifications. One minute we are excited about something and the next we are crying about that very idea. When chasing your dream you will face some pretty big turns in the road with big unknowns.

There are two things that cause fear and turns the excitement of our dreams into tears. The first one is what if questions. Before we start something we love to ask this question. I don’t know about you, but the what ifs that I ask myself are never positive. What if I get my dream and I don’t like it? What if I never make it? The reality is we don’t know these questions. Our minds are wired to answer all questions that we ask it. Let’s start asking ourselves more fruitful questions. What if I love my dream? What if I can make it? These questions remind you it’s possible and don’t depress you with negativity.

The second thing that can strike fear is trying to be a master at everything right out of the gate. This is ridiculous yet we often judge our work against someone who has been working at it for a while. Everyone starts at the beginning. There are no shortcuts on the road to your dream. Just begin today doing what you can. You will be shocked where you are at in a year and even more shocked in five years. Experience builds on itself forming a massive snowball when in the beginning it was a mere snowflake. (tweet it). Allow yourself to be a rookie. It’s okay not to know.

Ask your mind good questions, allow yourself to screw-up and you will see your dream more clearly. Take one step today and then another tomorrow. That is how dreams are made. Be blessed on your journey. What step are you taking today to make your dream a reality?

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  • Love this! So important to talk through the big things in life with our spouse. Makes for an authentic marriage. Sometimes exciting. Sometimes exhausting. But always authentic, more committed, and more interdependent.

    Bottom line, I love the fact that my wife is my lover, my best friend, and my #1 adviser. That comes from doing all of life together!

    • So true Kent! Love your wisdom there;) Thanks for stopping by!

  • Great post. My wife and I come together at the end of November or beginning December and write our goals and plans for the coming year. And during the year we have review times to see where we are in the process. I can relate to the negative ‘What if’ statements. I have made them often. Thanks for the encouragement of reversing that and making positive ‘What if’s’

    • Thanks Bernard! Reviews are crucial because we all have side drift that happens throughout the year.

  • Sharing each other dreams as a couple is so important. At the start of each year my wife and myself sit down to reflect on the past year and plan/think about the next year. We share our goals and dreams of the coming year. It really allows us to stay on the same page with each other. Great post!

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