Your Dream Is Possible

Zechariah Newman —  March 11, 2014 — 12 Comments

I don’t know what dream you have in your heart, but I do know that chasing your dream is hard. There will be setbacks, rejection and many discouragements. It is difficult chasing your dream because dream chasing requires many steps of faith with no hint of light on the other side. It is like walking in the night; each step leading you in a direction, however, you aren’t one-hundred percent certain. Sometimes you step on some kid’s toys and sometimes it’s smooth sailing to your destination.

It's possible

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Every dream chaser imagines the end result, but I have become convinced that this cheapens the ride. The fact is we don’t know the end and frankly I don’t want to know. Faith is required when we don’t know the outcome.

Faith is the complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Faith is required to have a relationship with God and it is also required to live a fulfilling life. Hope and faith are two things that need to be at the forefront of any dream chasing journey. Without these things we will stand on the sideline waiting for our luck to change. God has a plan for your life and you and I need to walk it out.

I get way too wrapped up in the how instead of just taking a step. How about you? What has helped me is something I heard from Les Brown. It’s the statement, “It’s possible.”

Your dream is possible! As long as you keep moving and keep trusting God for his plan in your life, it’s possible to see your dream come to fruition.

Trust God and keep moving as He may hinge your dream in a direction you were not expecting. If He does, it is a better dream than you could  ever imagine. Have faith that Romans 8:28 is right, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Walk in His purpose taking steps of faith.

Hope and faith proceed any action, however, they are also increased by intentional action. When you head off toward your dream, life begins to look and feel differently. Your dream is possible. Get focused on the next step to make it a reality. Embrace and pursue your why with everything in you. It’s possible. Be blessed on your journey.


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  • Faith is being willing to “jump” toward our dreams and knowing God will take care of us. Great post and thoughts!

  • Zechariah – I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. In fact, I wrote today about something my 3-year-old taught me about dreaming. I had a long conversation yesterday with my pastor and mentor. He said this, “You don’t always have to justify why need to buy what you’re selling. Just invite people in.”

    Here’s to dreaming gents!

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  • Great thoughts. It is hard chasing your dreams. Sometimes the experts make it seem so easy. But, if they tell the whole truth, most will tell you it took years of consistent and committed work. A lot of times I want to walk away and throw in the towel. Then I realized God did not give me a dream that He can’t fulfill through me. So I keep moving forward.

    • I hear you on all that you just said. Ditto:)

      • Zach, I wanted to know would you be interested in being a guest contributor on my website. Your message fits along with my themes. You don’t have to write new content, I can use some of your older posts. I read 6 that would be great. Your message will fit good with my audience. I will do a post from you every 2 to 3 months. If you are interested I will need an opening introduction with a couple of links. You can email me at

  • Love this line: “I get way too wrapped up in the how instead of just taking a step.” Taking the step is often what shows us the “how.”

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