God Won’t Bless This

Zechariah Newman —  February 25, 2014 — 18 Comments

Money is going to be important to achieving the dreams of your heart. I have talked about open-handed stewardship and also where money should be allocated. We must remove a major roadblock from a financially fit life. This roadblock is the Spirit of Mammon and it is invasive in our culture.

Mathew 6:24 says, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and Mammon.”


Mammon is an Aramaic word that means riches.

This does not mean that money is evil. In fact, money can be used as a tool to have everlasting impact to win souls for the kingdom. Matthew 6:24 is referring to which master we serve. This is where the Spirit of Mammon takes over. Mammon promises what only God can give. Identity, power, security etc. These things do not come from money, but from God. God says sow and reap. Mammon says buy and sell. We think things like, If I have enough money then I will feel secure.

Money that is submitted to God and not Mammon can be blessed by God. This is a lay down your life challenge. Being blessed is like swimming with the current. Things are easy and smooth. Being cursed is like swimming against the current; everything takes a lot of effort and you get nowhere. I want my life to be blessed. How about you?

Mammon runs around with two thugs, poverty and pride. The problem with these two is they are things focused instead of God focused. Poverty down plays everything and is afraid to acknowledge the blessings of God. Poverty is confused and thinking being broke is somehow spiritual. Judging others for having nice things is often what comes out. Pride shows its ugly head by thinking that we deserve more by comparing ourselves to others.

The proper stance toward money is a heart of gratitude toward our Heavenly Father. If you have internet, which if you are reading this you do, you have more than a lot of people. We get sidetracked by stuff because we are humans and we have limitless desires. Regain a proper perspective by lifting your heart to your Father which has given you so much. Be blessed on your journey.

What are you grateful for?


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  • I am grateful that God continues to provide and open doors when a lot of times I don’t deserve it. I am grateful that I get the opportunity to come to Him with my requests. I am grateful that He continues to show His love to me daily.

    • Those are great things Bernard. Thank you for sharing about the goodness of God in your life:)

  • I am so grateful for God’s grace and love. It really is worth more than gold.
    In Him alone do I find contentment. when I focus on the world, I lose sight of what’s really important and worry starts to creep in. But when I focus on God, worry fades and I find the fruit of the Spirit.

  • Grace. Truth revealed. Health. Kathy (I out-punted my coverage big-time!). 3 awesome kids. Great music. Coffee. A beautiful shaped bald head. Opportunities looking for solutions. Amazing friendships. And so much more…my cup runneth over!

  • Oh good post, Zech. Love this: “Money that is submitted to God and not Mammon can be blessed by God.” So true. Grateful for my amazing wife who has suffered, yet endured, for the last 9 months to bring this little life (almost!) to fruition.

  • God blesses us and our actions but we have to remain humble with what God gives us. Great thoughts Zech!

    • Yes Dan so true. Action steps of faith are required before blessings. It is that faith and action that trigger the blessings of God.

  • Love the post Zech. I’m grateful that God’s been changing my heart. I know financial resources are important, but when I put His will before all my worldly needs, I know He will blesses me.

  • I’m also thankful for Pandora. I’m on the road speaking and doing a little bit of work in my hotel room. So fun to relax to great music while doing work I love.

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