In the Good Times

Zechariah Newman —  February 18, 2014 — 3 Comments

I had an exciting last few weeks. I was on a huge podcast (shout out to Adrienne for helping me with the introduction), had a guest interview on my good friend’s blog as well as a guest post on one of my top author’s blog. I also had more podcast interviews that will go live in a few weeks. It’s so fun living out some things that I could only dream about a month ago.

With all of the good things going on, I encountered a major problem this week. I have had a very hard time keeping God first in my life. In fact, I think most of us struggle in this area when we are having good things happen to us. When I am flat on my back it is easy to keep God first because I am fully aware of the need for Him. I need Him just as much when times are good, however, I don’t act like it. So here are 3 tips to plan for success while keeping God first place in the good times.

put God first

1. Recognition of need. I needed God just as much in this good week than I did in my lowest moments. Isn’t this simple to forget? When life is going pretty good, it’s easy to think, I got this. The fact is at our best we are still imperfect. We still need Jesus to come in and make us whole.

2. Plan ahead. When we are focused on a dream, it is simple to focus on the process and forget about planning for how you and I will live when we start to see our dream come to reality. This is a very important thing that I had neglected. I had a schedule for hustling that allotted time to my Savior. Unfortunately I didn’t think proactively. Learn from my mistake. Plan ahead of how God will be first in the good times and how you will honor Him with your time.

3. Accountability. This is huge to have at all times. People to hold you accountable with how you are spending your time is important. Allow others that you trust to have access to you. Let them ask tough questions and correct you. I have people in my life that are brutally honest with me and out of that honesty, we have developed open and valuable relationships.

So, have a plan of keeping God first place by thinking proactively, recognizing your need for Him, and keeping people in your life to hold you accountable. Make sure to have a firm foundation so that you have Dreams That Last. Be blessed on your journey.

How do you keep God first in the good times?


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  • I totally understand how you felt (feel). Keeping God our first priority is often easier said than done. Great points about planning ahead, making sure to make daily time to connect with Him and that he is walking with us every minute of the day. Great tips bro! Keeping ROCKING it!

  • Back at you Dan! Thanks:) I have heard it said which I love wants show up in our conversation and expectations show up in our behavior. So I will live expecting to be close to my King:) Blessings bro.