The Pain of Progress

Zechariah Newman —  February 4, 2014 — 3 Comments

I wish our dreams just happened. Don’t you? I wish that when I decided to do something new it was easy. That life itself was easy, but it’s not. Getting up at 5:00 am this morning was especially tough. My bed was warm and it was cold out there. I did not sleep well, however, I have a packed day today so no snooze button for this dream chaser. Isn’t that how life is? Our current situation feels comfortable. It doesn’t matter what it is; whether it is good or bad at least we know what it’s like. We could be sitting in a wet or dirty diaper, but it’s comfortable. Putting a clean one on requires a few seconds of cold and discomfort. (Can you tell I have young kids?) Getting out of bed, though I was excited to write, was going to require action that was uncomfortable. Here is the truth about progression. Without the struggle there is no progress.


It is in the low valley where we grow and are shaped. I wish that it was the mountaintops, but it’s not. The struggle shapes and cultivates us to become better. It is in failure, loss, and heartache that we are shaped and catapulted into a new and better season. It is too easy to become bitter and look at the failures, however, there can be a better life if we embrace the pain instead of run from it.

I struggled for years trying to figure out what to do with my life. Now I am writing, speaking, and leading others to follow their God-given purpose. I am honored to help others figure out and pursue what God has for them in their lives. I couldn’t do this if I didn’t understand the struggle. Could you imagine someone teaching about chasing dreams and the challenges people face when they don’t understand the pain?   There were tears of pain and confusion trying to figure out what I wanted to do. It has not been easy, but through the confusion and pain there has been a beauty. Through the pain I have found my purpose and calling. Your dream will be the same way; the pain forges the dream to new heights. The lowest of lows is what creates the mountaintop experiences.

So don’t run from, cover up, or hide your failures. Learn and grow from the struggle. Then teach others and show them the hope on the other side. God has so much for you. Hold on to hope and push through the struggle and discomfort. Be blessed on your journey.

How do you get through the discomfort and struggle?

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  • I’ve found the greatest breakthrough comes through our greatest struggles. Being founded in Christ and my personal development really motivate me to keep making process during the hard or difficult seasons of life.

    Amazing thoughts here!