Health and Not Growth

Zechariah Newman —  January 21, 2014 — 8 Comments

I focus on the wrong things a lot. In my business I can get consumed by numbers. Sales specially can consume me. Comparing last year’s sales to this year’s is something that we do weekly. This is important because it tells us if we are growing or shrinking. It can tell us if we have a problem or if we are doing things the right way. It can also cause me to be distracted by the by-product. Sales are a by-product and they are not where the focus should be.


I often then ask the wrong questions. I ask, how can I get the sales to go up? How can I get this thing to grow? Brian Houston said, “Don’t focus on the GROWTH of the church. Focus on the HEALTH of the church — because healthy things grow.” This is so true. The questions I should be asking are, how can I serve my customers better? What pain point can I fix for them? These are health questions. Just like Brain said, growth will occur if you focus on the health of your dream.

Any dream you have should be something where you are serving people in some capacity. Become better at serving your customers and you will grow. It may not happen quickly enough that you notice at first, however, keep your focus on service and health within the service and your thing will grow. It will pick up momentum and grow really fast if you can stay focused on the right things.

If you focus on the growth and not the health it may grow in the short-run, but in the long-run it will crumble. Growth and not health will cause us to make short-term gains and long-term detrimental decisions. Healthy decisions have a much longer-term perspective. The more money and time I spend on health related things, the more my business and this blog will grow.

How can you ask questions about your dream differently? How can you serve your customers better? If you do this correctly you will grow. Your dream may go in a slightly different direction than you pictured, but it will help so many people. Continue to grow in health and be blessed on your journey.

How can I serve you better? What problems are you having with your dream?

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  • You’re right Zech. When you begin with the end in mind, you start to see the forest behind the trees. Sales, revenue growth, profit is a by product of healthy organizations. This I believe starts with strong leadership undergirded by a compelling purpose. Knowing the why helps a lot! Great post.

  • Health is one of the most important and most often forgotten about. I know I have forgotten about my six pack. It is consumed with brownies. I like this
    post because it will make me focus on the right spots in my life. Priorities are in order. Thanks Zach.

    • Thanks for stopping by and adding your comments. I am with you Jason:)

  • Betty Draper

    “Don’t focus on the GROWTH of the church. Focus on the HEALTH of the church -truth in any area of our life, business, church, self, others. I have long ago lost impressed by big, greater, smarter, give me wiser any time, give me continuing growing in the face of defeat anytime, give me humble in the face of pride of status, give me individual growth instead of numbers. You have put it well and hit on something the enemy of your soul does not want you to talk about. Great post, glad I stopped by.

    • Thanks for stopping by Betty. Very true! The enemy trys to distract us constantly.

  • I think if we take case of our people (employees) our people will take care of our customers. It’s difficult if not impossible to be able to focus on every customer but it’d defiantly possible to focus on training and encouraging the people on the front lines. Those are the people we must invest in because we will see the best results from doing so. Great post man!