Martha, Martha, Martha!

Zechariah Newman —  January 14, 2014 — 12 Comments

I must say I hate the story of Martha. Hate is a strong word, but it is the truth. I hate it so much because I am “Martha.” I think there are a lot of people who struggle with being a Martha as well. It is too easy to get wrapped up in the “doing of life” that we miss opportunities to be with Jesus.


I don’t have time to play around. It is a badge of honor to be so busy that I don’t have time to do anything. Get off your butt and work yourself into the ground too. Don’t sit there, worry and do something. Don’t take a Sabbath and don’t take a break. You just have to do more. Work harder, work longer and definitely don’t enjoy anything. Like Martha, my worth is tied up in what I do.

I think most Martha personality types think like this. We don’t even realize these are the thoughts that go through our brain, however, it is pretty close to the truth. We need to relax and enjoy the ride. We need the Marys in our life to help us get a grip.

With the fast culture we live in I am afraid that more and more of us struggle with a go-go personality. We have instant access to download movies, news, songs and books. We tap our foot if we have to wait a couple of minutes at a fast-food restaurant. We have truly become a microwave culture.

The first step for us Marthas is to intentionally rest daily. Make this a priority. This will be so valuable to you. Be intentional with this and schedule it. I am going to rest to start my day and to end my day. I wind up too fast in the morning and I don’t give myself space to unwind at night. These are going to be intentional rest bookends.

Unplug from this crazy society at least one day a week. My day is going to be Sunday. No posting on Facebook, twitter, and no emails. If you need community help with this, here is a Facebook group that one of my friends started. This group is all about unplugging for one day. It is a great idea. Let’s return to having a Sabbath and turn down the over stimulation.

I am announcing to you guys to hold me accountable to this. I pray as you chase your dream you commit to these things as well. Rest in the peace of God. We need to incorporate rest into our journeys. As for my journey, to be able to rest more and enjoy the moment, I will be posting once a week. I believe this will make my posts stronger and of greater value to you. Thank you for being along with me on this crazy ride. Be blessed on your journey.

If you want to read the verses about Martha and Mary click here.

What actions and planning do you do to rest with God?

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  • I love this reminder. I definitely struggle with this story, as you said my worth seems to be tied (in my head) to what I’m doing. I too am going to make intentional “rest” time to wind up and down each day. Thank you for the challenge!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jennifer! I am glad it resonated with you. In my rest time this morning Psalm 23:2 came to mind it says, “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,” Be blessed in your rest:)

  • Amen Zech. Too often I’m busy for the sake of being busy, I want to feel like a big shot. I know I need to do less, focus more and focus on others.

    • I believe that you will have a greater impact as you walk this out Kimanzi! You are already impactful and this will shoot you to the moon:) Less is a great word glad you are putting it into action.

  • Jemelene

    It is easy to forget that when Mary was sitting at Jesus’ feet, she was learning from Him. He was actively teaching and she was being discipled. If we can remember the benefits of that as well, we can enter with an attitude of accomplishment.

    • Yes very true Jemelene. I often don’t stop “doing” long enough to hear the words of my father as foolish as that is it’s true. This short rest and listening is changing me. Thanks for adding your thoughts:)

  • I am praying for you Zech. I definitely resonate with you. It’s so easy for me to be “doing” something and equating “doing” as being successful or productive. But, I know from experience that ‘being’ must precede ‘doing.’ Often when I find myself in a rat race, I forget my priorities and values. I will join you in using my time more with God 2014, being intentional with my margin and enjoying the silence with Him.

    • Thank you Paul. I am glad you are joining me in this commitment. Love the way you put it. It is all about being one of His sons. Blessings this week.

  • Rest with family and God is so essential. It allows us to stay refreshed and renewed for the challenges of life and leadership. During my commute (Which is about 40 minutes) I pray, worship, and listen to audio books. It’s a resting time for me. Great post!

    • Thanks Dan. Great job being intentional with your rest! Great to talk to you today.

      • It’s difficult but I know it’s so important. Yes, I had a great time talking with you as well. Have a great week!

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