Combatting The Roaring Lion

Zechariah Newman —  January 9, 2014 — 9 Comments

The devil seeks to split us off and separate us from people. We are referred to as sheep in the Bible and it says in 1 Peter 5:8, “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” Just like on National Geographic this is what the devil does to us. He splits us off from the herd and attacks when we are alone and weak. If you are going to chase your dream you will need the support and encouragement of a community of people.


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The problem is our flesh has the reverse reaction. When we are feeling the weakest usually due to sin or living a life that is not rooted in Christ, we tend to go off on our own instead of running to someone saying, “I fell and this is what I did.” Failure and discouragement pushes us into a spiral of depression and isolation. The place we sought out in our shame can destroy us. The secrets and the dark places can feel like a million pounds. The devil thrives in the dark and is diminished by the light. We create a false prison by hiding in the shadows. (tweet it)

There is hope. Have you ever confessed something that you have been holding inside and letting the guilt pull you down? It is scary and the bigger the secret the more the fear of flat-out rejection builds. Facing this fear and speaking your secret to another brings sin from the shadows to the light. The freedom that can be felt from this is amazing. This is one of the reasons why community and relationships are so important. Friendship and community will impact you so much more than you can imagine. We need each other and we need accountability built into our lives. Close relationships that are built on honesty and openness will help you along the path to your dream.

When we are in community with one another it is like a cord; the friendships overlap making the cord way stronger than if it is on its own. We need the strong unity and wisdom that this brings. It does not come easy and conflict will arise. Anything that has kingdom impact will be attacked. (tweet it) Stay with it and do not go off on your own. Push through problems and you will have the strength to reach your dreams. Be blessed on your journey.

What do you do to stay plugged into community?

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  • I needed to hear 1 Peter 5:8. You hit the nail with this Zech. God uses us as His instruments when we are first conqeured by Him and conqeur sin. Spiritual victory is in essence a key pre-requisite in fulfiling our God-given calling.

    God gave me two verses for 2014. One comes from Job 8:5-6 and Ephesians 6:10-20. The first was “divinely” handed to me in the New Years Eve service and the latter, a verse that I believe will encourage me to battle through my spiritual strongholds.

    • Amen. Thanks for always adding value to the conversation Paul:)

  • Paula

    Send a group text to a group I meet with weekly when I can’t seem to break through on my own. Someone in the group usually pin points exactly what to pray and the group agrees in prayer.

    • That is great. Power of a group of people that loves each other.

  • I need to be around God fearing disciples daily. Our small group is just finishing up the Andy Stanley study on Christian. We need to constantly surround ourselves with other disciples that are not afraid to keep us grounded.

    • Very true Lincoln. We all need that. Love Andy Stanley I will have to checkout that study group.

  • Honestly connecting with my local church community is one of my goals this year. It’s something that has not been as high of a priority as it should be. Thanks for a great post and challenging word.

    • Thanks Dan. It was an area of struggle for years for me. Now my closest friends are at my local church. Blessings as you connect with your local brothers in Christ.

      • Nice, I know the value and importance but need to re-aline my knowledge with action:)