Well Meaning Parents

Zechariah Newman —  January 7, 2014 — 6 Comments

One of the many jobs of parents is to protect their kids. If you have healthy parents they are always looking out for your well being. For me I am looking out for my three little ones and protect them from themselves daily. Here in lies the problem when it comes to chasing your dream. Well meaning parents can be the biggest dream stoppers. I have been fortunate enough to have supportive parents that encourage me to chase my dreams, but judging by the emails and private messages I am a minority in this. So what do you do if your parents think you are foolish to chase your dream?


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The first thing is to realize that their concern is a valid one. Chase your dream with wisdom. My reaction with anything I am excited about is to go full court press on it. I go all in and put all my chips in the middle. This is not the correct approach. I am the sole financial provider for my family of five. It would be irresponsible for me to go for broke literally. My first two jobs are as a husband and dad. Your mind, if you pursue your dream, will try to convince you to go all in at once. Find a way to pursue your dream a little bit everyday. Cut T.V., social time, and other things. Not your job. Pull the boat close enough to the dock that you can jump without landing in the water.

The second thing is to chase your dream anyway. Our minds embrace fear too much. When a parent who is our ultimate physical authority tells us that it is not in the cards, we can take so much stake in what they say that we never pursue our dreams. The doubts get louder and louder when authority figures tell you that you can’t. God is your head authority. Listen and honor your family and friends, however, first and foremost listen to the voice of God. Fear will cause you to freeze and not move. Fear causes your parents to tell you to not chase your dream. Your parents are afraid you will be let down and not be successful at your dream. Fear is a liar. We need to make steady progression overtime in the margins of life. Find creative ways to chase your dream.

Honor your parents with chasing your dream with wisdom. Take small steps everyday over a long period of time, not huge steps in a short period of time. In real life this looks like cutting social media, T.V., or a night out with friends to work on your dream. Not quitting your job and starting something you have not built. If you have children watch the words that you speak so you don’t cause doubt in them. You cannot predict a future that you don’t know. Be blessed on your journey.

Have well meaning people told you not to pursue your dream?

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  • I will tell you one thing Zechariah, its truly difficult when you don’t have your parents in your corner or friends and other family members. However, you have to push forward and keep moving with faith and persistence. I see that you are truly a caring and loving parent and your kids are lucky to have a Dad like that. Keep focused.

    • Thanks Lincoln. I have been astonished how many people have said thing like. “My parents think it is foolish should I just not try.” Breaks my heart and makes me thankful for my supporting parents. Thank you for the kind words. Be blessed Lincoln.

  • My mother was loving but she put a cap on my potential. When I shared my dreams she would tell me the how hard it would be to accoplish them. She was more negative than supportive. I learned to be careful about what I share with her. Good thoughts!

    • Sorry Dan. Fear is such a invasive force. I am thankful you are chasing your dream. God bless you friend!