Chase Your Dream With Your Family

Zechariah Newman —  December 31, 2013 — 9 Comments

For a long time while dream chasing I viewed my family in the wrong light. I am ashamed to admit that I viewed my family as a burden and a road block to my dream. I was going about chasing my dream all wrong pushing aside my family and God to get my dream faster. There was not anything malicious and frankly I was still spending a lot of time with them. The problem was in my heart. My heart toward my family was a little off. Thank the Lord that I pressed into God and in my quiet time He spoke to my heart. You see it is the little things that show us if we are putting our family in proper order. If our priorities are not right we actually end up with a cheap knock off to what dream chasing is all about.

Dream Chasing with the kids

Nothing could be more rewarding than chasing a dream with your family. Don’t leave them behind, but embrace them as co-dreamers. Your dream shouldn’t after all be your dream, rather your family should be referring to it as our dream. You need buy in and staying power with the family or you will be fighting up-stream against them instead of being united going in a common direction.

This is so impactful and important to me that I wrote a book on the subject. I am getting input and direction from my loving wife instead of putting it all on my shoulders. As a dream chaser you and I will be tempted to chase improperly and it can lead to loss of family, faith, and health. The imitation that we are promised in our minds is never there instead it could end up being a bunch of wreckage. It is important to chase our dreams properly so coming soon is my new eBook called, Dreams That Last.

In the book I will discuss proper dream chasing and what God has to say about it. This book will highlight the proper foundational elements to chasing dreams and keeping God in his rightful place as well as your family.

How do you include your family in your dream chasing?

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  • Great post Zechariah you are not alone there are many Entrepreneurs that feel or felt that way. However, I’m glad you are making it happen with them. I always include them in what I do. Trips I go on, if we can make it happen I bring them along. I ask them for suggestions and boy do they give me a ton. Family is such an important factor to Business success, we can’t forget to bring them along for the ride.

    • Thanks Lincoln. It has been ten times more rewarding running this race the way it should be done. I am glad you had that figured out already:) Amen and second everything you have said. Glad we have connected Lincoln. Blessings in 2014

      • By no means did I figure it out day 1. It was years before I finally said my family is more important. I have made many mistakes and I’m sure I will make more. Its all a learning process. Have a Blessed New Year.

  • Though I’m single, I can resonate with your post Zech. I’ve observed how my parents exemplified true, godly partnership. The overall result is exponential!

    • Yes it is Paul! Glad it resonated with you.

  • It’s been great to watch the progress you’ve made Zech, your hustle is inspiring! For me chasing my dream with a family has been a learning process. Like you, I felt the same way but now realize my family has to come first. A wise man told me your dream should fit into your life, not your life into your dream.

    • That is a awesome and true statement. Thanks for all your help coach;)

  • Great thoughts! I’ve found it’s easier to chase my dreams with the support of my wife. She is my #1 fan and encourager to achieve and move outside of my comfort zone.