Spotlighted Guest Pastor Jerry Smart

Zechariah Newman —  December 26, 2013 — 4 Comments

Once in a while on Thursdays I am going to post about a spotlighted guest and call it, Dream Chaser Thursday. I pray that it will give you inspiration for your dreams and maybe give you some new things to think about. Today’s guest is one of my friends and who I consider a wise man. You can find his blog here. I hope you enjoy our spotlighted guest, Pastor Jerry Smart.


Question: Bio?

I am a Pastor at a Foursquare Church in Oregon. I am originally from Texas. I moved to Oregon when I was 16yrs old, then went back to Texas for college. I have three children (two girls and a boy) and am the husband to my beautiful Texas bride, Marla.

Question: What is your biggest passion?

One of my biggest passions is to be a producer, not a consumer, of resources. In my profession, pastoring a church, I often see churches using other people’s resources. Teaching resources are a great example. A church will use curriculum put out by a Christian supply wholesaler for their Sunday School, or they will use teaching videos created by a Christian media outlet. Most churches are content to use the resources that others have created. There is nothing wrong with using what others have created, I have done it, but I have a passion to be a creator of these resources. I often look at resources others have created and think…”I could do that!” Why not? Now I will admit I regularly use resources others create, but I have always admired those who add to the larger body of creativity in the world and I have wanted to be one of them.

Question: How did you start?

I started by asking myself “What do I have to offer others that might be unique?” After taking an inventory of my skills, life experience and education I came to a few conclusions. My major in college was Audio/Video Production, I thought “Maybe that gave me something I could offer others?” I also took a lot of music classes in college. Maybe I could teach others music? After procrastinating for quite a few years I finally have begun to try to use these life experiences to enrich the lives of others. In pursuit of that goal I began a blog a few years ago where I am creating resources for church leaders to use to enhance their worship ministries. Part of that is a series of online video guitar lessons that we will be creating in the coming year. We plan to make these lessons available for free online. I have also done interviews with Christian recording artists like Darrel Evans to tap into wisdom they might have. Another thing I am excited about is that we have begun making independent films.  Currently our church is working on our third independent film project.  We are very excited about it.

Question: What is your biggest failure?

My biggest failure is what I like to call “analysis paralysis”. I tend to over think things. I have a bad habit of wanting to wait until I have a perfect plan before I begin something. The problem is there is no such thing as a perfect plan. Often you just need to begin with the best information and resources you have and make adjustments as you go along. That is how you learn after all. You can’t learn from your failures if you never fail. I am still learning this lesson.

Question: Any last piece of advice?

A wise man once told me “Anything worth doing is going to take longer than you think.”  I have found that to be true, but it is still worth it. If something is worth doing, go ahead and put out the effort. Who knows you might create something wonderful!

Thanks for reading this edition of Dream Chaser Thursday. Let me know what you think of this idea and whether you find it helpful. Be blessed on your journey.

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