Start Living and Stop Planning

Zechariah Newman —  December 19, 2013 — 9 Comments

Are you planning and waiting on an event? I was listening to Eric Thomas and it led me to some conclusions. It is so tempting to plan. This is a dangerous mind-set and I don’t recommend it. Dream chasers cannot event plan, rather we have to fall in love with the process. This is what causes us to wait till the last-minute to write an essay in school. We wait till it is due to do the work. If the due date is changed we merely put off working on it. There is no way it can be at its best with this perspective. I used to wait till one or two days before my posts were due to write them as well. Consequently my creativity was bogged down and I didn’t have time to listen to God on what to write. I have switched my process and I think it is the only way for us to chase our dreams with excellence. It is the only way to be the best you that you can be.


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Focus on the process not the event or destination. You and I don’t know which things in our life that seem meaningless will affect our future. That person you meet could be the gatekeeper to your dream. That post you write could be the one that goes viral. That interview you gave could be the one to put you over the top. Are you ready?

Here is an example from my life right now. I am doing two things. I am writing a little bit everyday. Little by little I have improved. No matter if one person reads it or one hundred thousand I try to be faithful with it. I am focusing on the process of writing daily. The other thing is reading. I am reading so that I have things flowing into me. Reading daily has given me things to say. The process of learning and teaching is where my focus has been.

This may not seem major, but it is one of the things that separates the average from the great. The great practice the craft they have whether they feel like it or not as well as if they think it will affect them or not. You never know who is watching and or what thing that seems meaningless will unlock the gate to your dreams. I don’t think that the shepherd David knew that killing lions and bears with a sling would play such a crucial role in him becoming king.

So stop planning for an event and start doing what small things you can do today. Live a life of excellence today. One day turns into a week of excellence which turns into a month of excellence and so on. Be faithful with little and fall in love with the small process. Your big dreams will happen in these little days. Be blessed on your journey.
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  • Taking small steps leads to huge progress. The key is to take daily strategic steps toward our God given purpose and dreams.

    Have you read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson? If not, drop what you are doing and buy it. It’s a powerful read.

    • I have not read it I will have to read it. Yes that is the key. Even if you don’t see how what you are doing could possible due with your dream still live with excellence day in and day out. Thanks as always Dan:)

      • Make sure to read it soon. Let me know how you liked it after reading it.

  • I love great reads. One I would suggest for all of us here in this realm of Fatherhood is Wild at Heart by John Eldridge. I would love to hear what you guys think on that one.

    • One of my favorites! Except then I want to kill something or conquest something right away;)

      • That’s an awesome response. I love it. Im excited to start a book club of fathers and husbands reading it in the Connections Club. You should join us. Also I hope to do it as well at my local Homeless shelter with those guys. Big hopes.

  • Nosipho Matshoyana

    I thank God for your writing honestly. I have been waiting eagerly for a particular event to happen before I can start my business. But today, I have a different view. I now understand that the little things I do today are building blocks of greatness. I am encouraged to continue doing those “little” things and fall in love with the process. Thank you. Bless you!!!

    • Zechariah Newman

      Thank you so much Nosipho! That is the key little things overtime. That is an exciting venture. Bless you on your journey.