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Zechariah Newman —  December 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

Today I am excited and privileged to announce a partnership with Break the Chain Apparel. Break the Chain is a clothing and racing team with a voice speaking out against the chain that holds people down from domestic violence all the way to bullying and verbal abuse. Visit their website here. You can also follow them on Facebook. Break the Chain has created a unique way for you to speak out by wearing clothing with a voice. Their clothes bring a much needed awareness to all of the major “chains” that are unfortunately not talked about nearly enough.

break the chain

This evening spotlights why a clothing line like Break the Chain is needed. Tammi Burns, owner of Break the Chain Apparel, is heading up a candlelight vigil in Turner, Oregon tonight at 7 pm. This vigil is for a young woman who was only 23 years old with a two-year old little girl. She was shot to death while running back in the house to save her little girl. It is a heart breaking story and unfortunately it isn’t a rare one.

Often the poor, the addicted, and the abused get reminded of their past over and over again. These things get hidden in the darkness. Break the Chain helps to bring these things to the light. Things that are in the shadows come into the light because only in the light can this chain be lifted.

We all have fallen short and if any of our past short comings and sins were shown to the world we all would be embarrassed and ashamed. In Romans 3:23 it states, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” That is why grace is so important. Tammi exclaims, “If I continually get judged by my past, what incentive is there to push through the pain? How do we let them know that they CAN break the chain?”

One of the things I love about Break the Chain Apparel is all of the resources. If you go to their site, you can see for yourself resources for sex trafficking, alcoholism, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, racism, child abuse, suicide, bullying, domestic violence, and drug addiction. Clearly this is a company that is more about helping people than making a dollar. Consider buying and wearing clothing from this great company to help bring awareness and spread light to the darkness. Join the Break the Chain movement and SPEAK OUT NO MATTER “WEAR” YOU ARE!

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