Compartmentalizing Life

Zechariah Newman —  December 3, 2013 — 4 Comments

“It’s just a job. I don’t need to be passionate about it. My job does not define me; it is just something I do.” This statement is half true. A job does not define who you are, but this is partially a dangerous mindset. God should define us and what He says should be what we are. God calls us His righteous sons and daughters. Here is the huge danger. This statement is usually justification for staying at a job someone does not like. It is like we think that we can turn off and on different aspects of our life. Have you ever taken work out on your family? I have unfortunately. My kids have heard a raised tone from me and an impatient attitude that has nothing to do with them, but something that happened to me at work. My team members at work got a tired and impatient boss because I didn’t sleep well with a newborn and a teething toddler. Our lives bleed into everything we do whether we like it or not.


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We need to have our priorities right. God, family, then others. I believe that this fits the fear that the statement at the beginning comes from. We want to be present with our family when we are with them. That is a good thing. However, we can’t do a job we don’t love aspects of and not be a jerk to everyone around us. Even if you think you are hiding it from others, in the long-run it will poke out its ugly head.

Do you really think you can be a happy human being doing a job forty hours or more a week that you don’t love? How about working over 2000 hours a year doing something you hate and just living for the weekends? This sounds so fulfilling. No wonder so many grumpy people are walking around. God may call you to do something you don’t enjoy for a while, but do you really think that the heart of your Father is to have His children work a job that doesn’t fulfill their cup?

Start today not settling. Pray and ask your heavenly Father what He wants you to do. Read a book like, Strength Finders 2.0 to find out your strengths. Move into using those strengths more and more. Use the talents and abilities for the Kingdom of God. That is what we are called to do. To live a life of excellence and purpose for the glory of God. If you do this, you will live a happy and fulfilled life. Be blessed on your journey.

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  • Keith Spanberger

    This is a really good Word my friend! I am reposting across my social reach as all really need to read it and thank about what it says and how it applies in theirs lives. Blessings – Keith

  • Excellent post. I really needed those words today.

    • Thanks Bernard. I am glad it got to you when you needed it.